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    During the holidays, charities can be found helping people in need enjoy a warm holiday dinner or bringing joy to the life of a child or family through donated gifts. Charities and other nonprofit organizations are able to help others and the community in part due to extensive fundraising efforts—not just for the holidays but also for many causes, from health awareness to education.

    Fundraising is essential for organizations striving for civic betterment and includes raising money or obtaining voluntary resources/donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or government agencies. Successfully managing fundraising initiatives makes a great impact in the community and leads to donor trust. Organizations such as the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) provide great resources for nonprofit or fundraising professionals, for those interested in starting a charity, and for public administration and policy related to fundraising.

    Charities and nonprofits that fundraise should understand key issues, policies, and ethics involved. Founded in 1960, today AFP helps over 30,000 fundraising professionals belonging to 230 chapters located around the world. Stewardship, donor trust, and effective and ethical fundraising are values that AFP works towards.

    AFP members have access to training and certification programs, information on philanthropy and philanthropic fundraising, and research and resources on fundraising. Members of AFP are able to attend conferences held each year at different locations. Through conferences, members can meet other fundraising professionals and learn about best practices. In addition, AFP communities help drive more youth involvement and increase diversity amongst members.

    Ethics, public policy issues, and career resources are also available through AFP. It has created sets of guidelines, code, and standards in ethics to which members must adhere. Members can also explore career resources and professional development options, along with opportunities for networking via AFP’s website.

    The organization believes that members should be “doing the right things…right,” which is a slogan for its 50th International Conference on Fundraising scheduled for April 7–9, 2013. If you are involved with fundraising or are a student preparing for a career in public administration and policy, AFP is a good resource to explore and find out about important information and policies. Graduates of our public administration programs or visitors can visit the site and explore AFP membership opportunities and resources. Visit AFP on the Internet at www.afpnet.org.

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