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    AdoptUSKids Mission

    Over 250,000 children a year enter the US foster care system. While more than half of foster care children are returned to their parents, the rest are placed with foster families or in group facilities. Spreading awareness about the thousands of children in need of a family or family environment is one of the key missions of AdoptUSKids.

    AdoptUSKids provides a service to nonprofit organizations that works with foster and adoptive families and offers valuable information for prospective foster or adoptive parents. As part of the Adoption Exchange Association, AdoptUSKids seeks to raise public awareness about foster care and adoption for children placed in the US public child welfare system. The organization also strives to connect foster and adoptive families to children.

    Families or child welfare professional agencies can visit AdoptUSKids.org for more information about issues related to foster children and adoption. 

    AdoptUSKids.org offers: 

    • On-site and off-site technical assistance for recruiting and retaining foster and adoptive parents
    • A national public awareness campaign to find foster parents
    •  A toll-free information or referral line
    • A full service website with photo listings of children and families, and information on grants for foster and adoptive families
    • The latest findings and research on evidence-based foster and adoption practices

    Adoption makes a difference in the lives of children and teenagers who are currently in foster care. Many children in foster care are moved from home to home until they are either adopted or they turn 18. Once a child in foster care turns 18 they are out of the system and left on their own.

    Finding good foster care families or adoptive parents is important to foster children. By finding families, these children have a chance to develop trust, do well in school, and grow up knowing they have a family who will care for them. AdoptUSKids.org helps give foster children a fair chance at life.

    National Adoption Day

    On November 18, National Adoption Day will be observed and our College of Public Service invites you to learn more about issues related to adoption or foster care by exploring AdoptUSKids.org or taking part in adoption awareness events.  Below are public service announcements AdoptUSKids.org developed in partnership with the US Children’s Bureau and Ad Council. The tag line of “You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent” aims to motivate and reassure prospective parents that they have the ability to provide the stability and security that foster children need.

    AdoptUSKids Public Service Announcements






    You can also click here to view children in foster care talk about their experiences or how adoption changes a child’s life. 

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