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    Service Dogs Help Returning Heroes Deal With Post-Traumatic Stress 

    There are some 500,000 disabled service members in the US today. One in five of them suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD); one in six of those who suffer from PTSD will turn to suicide.  For many, a service dog can be a recovery tool that’s nothing short of lifesaving.

    The K9s For Warriors organization was born out of one woman’s experiences as a volunteer for the Wounded Warrior Project.  While working for that noble nonprofit, Shelly Duval was shocked and saddened by the number of returning servicemembers who suffered from PTSD. She became determined to find a way to help these ailing heroes cope, and even flourish. 

    After years studying the benefits of canine assistance for PTSD sufferers, Duval decided to start a nonprofit organization that trains and places service dogs specifically for veterans who, because of PTSD, find it extremely difficult to return to civilian life.

    At the K9s For Warriors academy, veterans take part in the training of their new service dog, working in concert with certified canine handlers and trainers.  The academy provides the dog, training, certification, equipment, seminars, veterinary care, and more…free of charge.

    K9s For Warriors is supported by military nonprofits such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Birdies for the Brave, and the Warrior Gateway.  Service dog therapy is now a medically recognized treatment, approved by the Justice Department and supported by American Disability Act.

    This year, the K9s For Warriors Academy will accept more than 50 veterans.

    If you are a military student, a student pursing a psychology degree or interested in learning more about how K9s For Warriors are using service dogs for treating PTSD, visit K9sforWarriors.org.  

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