• New Year New You

    2016 is here! It’s time to embrace everything new that you will bring to your life this year. Whether you are looking for a change or to reignite your spark, the start of a new year could be a good time to start your goals. 

    If your goals include starting, changing, or advancing in your career in public service, then we invite you to read the list of faculty articles we picked out to help inspire you or give you insights into how you could reach your goals. Make 2016 your year: your year to embrace new new opportunities, reach new horizons, and impact people’s lives in ways you only imagined.

  • Dena Aucoin

    Faculty Spotlight: Dena Aucoin—Giving Back to the Community…and Spreading the Word About Kaplan University

    Dena Aucoin M.Ed., Assistant Academic Chair in the Educational Studies program, is devoted to her work and her students, and also is passionate about her volunteer work.

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    Denise Faraci

    Faculty Spotlight: Denise Douglas-Faraci, EdD Offers Tips for Students Interested in Teaching and Shares Her Thoughts on Teaching

    Professor Douglas-Faraci’s teaching career spans nearly 30 years, and she has worked with students of various economic and cultural backgrounds from grades K-12 to higher education.

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    Shifting Careers

    Shifting Gears: How to Become a Teacher After a Career in Business

    For some business people, a career in education may seem enticing, offering a completely different environment from the business world they know so well and providing many of the intangible perks described above.

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    human services jobs

    Succeeding and Broadening Your Opportunities in Human Services

    With each course that you have completed, you have become more confident in your skills and excited about your graduation and entry into the workforce. As you begin to think about your career journey in the human services field, take a minute to learn what jobs you can get with a human services degree.

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    How to Succeed and Broaden Your Skills in Your Career in Addictions

    I am asked sometimes, "What does it take to get into the field?" I usually reply, “Do you have a minute, I need a little time to lay this out.” In this article I am going to talk about how to step up into the field of professional addictions counseling.

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    Climbing the Steps to a Fulfilling Career in Behavioral Health Fields

    Those interested in working in any of the behavioral health fields should carefully plan their own career path, including research of license/certification options, education, training, volunteer/part-time work, and full-time work.

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    Strategies for the Aspiring Criminal Justice Professional

    Here are a few important strategies that can help you stand out from the crowd as you strive to work and advance within the criminal justice profession.

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    Lateral Moves Withing Communications

    Can Moving Over Be Better Than Moving Up? Lateral Moves in Communication

    A lateral move was looked at as a career stall or a dead end. However, in the current employment environment, organizations are continually becoming more flat in structure and there are less and less top positions available.

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    AS - PattiPelletier150

    Patti Pelletier, EdD Shares Her Personal and Professional Experiences in Helping Children With Autism

    Patti Pelletier, EdD, is the undergraduate educational studies academic chair for Kaplan University’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. A former teacher as well as an administrator, she is also an active supporter of early intervention and school readiness for young children to thrive and succeed.

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    getting into behavioral analysis

    On Getting Your Dream Job in Applied Behavior Analysis

    The field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is one that has had tremendous growth in recent years due to the demand for effective, empirically-verified therapeutic approaches that can be used to address a variety of maladaptive behaviors.

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    Career in Higher Education

    5 Things to Consider When Preparing for a Career in Higher Education

    A career in higher education is more than a job; it is a life filled with passion and professional satisfaction. Here are 5 actions oriented strategies that can help prepare you for a successful entrance into a career in higher education.

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    Legal Studies Job

    Getting Into Your Dream Job With a Legal Studies Degree

    Are you have a degree or pursuing in legal studies? Kaplan University faculty member Joanna Bauer, gives sage advice on what you need to do to land your dream legal studies job.

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    Six Tips for Women

    Six Tips for Women Who Want to Enter Public Service

    Professor and Georgia state representative Karla Drenner shares six tips for women who want to enter public service.

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