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    The field of public service is comprised of individuals who help, educate, protect, and improve people’s lives and communities. Teachers, law enforcement professionals, firefighters, human services professionals, or nonprofit and government professionals play significant roles in public service. Public- and civil-service positions share the great responsibility of building and sustaining our communities and supporting the people who live there.

    In recognition of public service professionals and the field, the Center for Public Service is presenting “The Many Faces of Public Service” theme featuring articles and stories written by College of Public Service faculty. Faculty members have contributed stories about their personal experiences in public service and insights in public service related issues. The College of Public Service’s faculty includes many working professionals who truly understand the public service field and the role of public service in the lives of people, government, and communities.

    We invite you explore the many faces of public service this month and learn from our featured faculty member’s experiences and insights in the public service field. Read the articles below to learn more about the field of public service through College of Public Service faculty members.

  • CPS - Michael Sorich

    Michael J. Sorich: Assistant State Attorney and Adjunct Faculty Member Discusses His Career in Public Service

    As a Cook County assistant state’s attorney for the past 10 years, I have had the fortune to have a wide array of experiences and opportunities throughout my career.

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    CPS - Thomas Bashore

    Thomas Bashore: The Hiring Crisis Within Law Enforcement Agencies and How Education Can Be Part of the Solution

    Criminals are having a field day in many communities. One of the reasons is that both large and small police departments across the United States are having a difficult time filling their open positions for police officers.

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    CPS - Rob Watkins

    Robb Watkins: The Only Constant is Change: The Transformation of the Fire Service

    I have been in the fire and emergency medical services (EMS) for over 20 years. In that time, I have seen an amazing amount of change in both the industry and in the nation.

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    CPS - Michelle Fischer

    My Journey Into the Adoption Field

    Faculty member Michelle Fischer has been teaching in Department of Human Services with Kaplan University since 2004. Read about her journey into the adoption field and her experience owning an adoption agency.

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    CPS - Cheryl Brandt

    Faculty Member Cheryl Bradt-Hyland Discusses Her Desire to Make a Difference Working in the Human Service Field

    As far back as I can recall I knew I wanted to make a difference, so choosing to work in the human service field was both a logical and natural fit.

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    CPS - Melissa Neeley

    Child Welfare Initiatives–How to Get Involved at the Community Level

    April was National Child Abuse Prevention Month. All over the country, people wore blue ribbons to raise awareness of the impact child maltreatment has on our society. In 1982, Congress enacted the first National Child Abuse Prevention week in June.

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    CPS - Marie Wallace

    Faculty Spotlight: Meet Dr. Marie Wallace—Professor, Writer, and Advocate

    Dr. Marie Wallace has been a professor at Kaplan University for 8 years. She currently teaches Child and Adolescent Development in our School of Education, and contributed two articles for this month’s celebration of African American History Month.

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    CPS - Ken Cline

    Ken Cline: Education—The Most Rewarding Public Service Career

    Education is by far one of the most important public service areas. Each day, millions of children are educated and cared for by dedicated teachers, support personnel, and administrators. A solid education sets children up for successful and productive futures.

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