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    Launched by President Obama as way to promote volunteerism and public serviceduring lean economic times, "United We Serve" is a call to action urging ordinary Americans to come together and achieve extraordinary things.

    Its official website, Serve.gov, offers visitors an extensive online resource for volunteer and public service opportunities. Connect with existing organizations in your community and help make a difference, or create a new "do-it-yourself" public service project. 

    United We Serve initiatives include:

    • Help End Hunger
    • Hurricane Sandy Response
    • Mentoring Works
    • Volunteering as a Pathway to Employment
    • Veterans and Military Families
    • Senior Corps
    • The White House Council for Community Services.

    If you're enrolled in the College of Public Service, we encourage you to watch the videoof President Obama's introduction of the United We Serve program. We think you'll be inspired!

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