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    Ever wondered how our government tracks educational institutions to create reports on the state of education in the Unites States and the world?  Wonder no more.  The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is overseen by the United States Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences and is dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and reporting on the complete statistics on the state of American education and education activities around the world. 

    NCES is the primary federal entity which is mandated by Congress to collect and analyze education data in the U.S. and other nations.  NCES collects data via various sources, including but not limited to assessments, sample surveys, administrative data, state longitudinal data, and international assessment data.

    The data gathered by the NCES is accessible to anyone interested in information about various education levels and topics.  The data is helpful especially for planners, policymakers, and educators who need to address a variety of issues. 

    Surveys and assessments are gathered by the NCES about academic performance, literacy, and proficiencies in both children and adults.  Longitudinal studies about early child care and school experiences are collected to better understand early childhood development and educational experiences from birth through children’s middle school years are collected.

    The NCES also offers data tools that can be access online that provide information about public or private schools and college. Below is a list of tools available:

    • College Navigator—search for information about colleges and universities in the United States, from enrollments to annual tuition rates.
    • Search for Public School Districts—retrieve information all public school districts in the United States.
    • Search for Public Schools—retrieve information on public schools, including student populations and demographics.
    • Search for Private Schools—search for information on up to 30,000 private schools that responded to the NCES’ Private School Universe Survey.
    • Search for Public Libraries—locate a public library.
    • Bibliography—search for journal articles published that cited using National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 and the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 data.

    Parents, teachers, students enrolled in pursuing a degree in teaching or looking to advance their career in education, or anyone interested in education can visit the NCES website for more information or to research education related information and download education related data. 

    Administrators, people working in government, or education researchers can also find a great amount of information related to assessments, state of education in the United States, and more from the NCES.

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