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    Government Spotlight: National Aging Network

    As more and more Americans cross into their 60s, there is a growing need for services and support of this population and people with careers dedicated to helping the elderly.  The Administration on Aging (AOA) is a United States Department of Health and Human Services agency that helps promote the well-being of older individuals through their National Aging Network which is made up of services and programs that can help them live independently.  

    The agency was set up to carry out the provisions of the Older Americans Act of 1965 (OAA) and helps the federal government distribute their funds to the states which in turn provide support services for individuals over 60.  Through the National Aging Network the AOA provides a great deal of services and information for those interested in working with the elderly or preparing for a career helping those who need elder care,

    Although older individuals received support and services through federal programs, the AOA offers a great amount of those services through their national network of 56 state agencies which includes close to 20,000 service providers and care workers. The Administration on Aging has several offices responsible for carrying out several different services for different populations over the age of 60.  Older persons in the United States have diverse needs and the AOA has created several offices and programs to help them meet those needs, including:

    • Office of Supportive and Caregiver Services
    • Office of Nutrition and Health Promotion Programs
    • Office of Elder Justice and Adult Protective Services
    • Office for American Indian, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiian Programs
    • Office of Long-term Care Ombudsman Programs

    The offices and agencies administered by the AOA all help provide elder care which includes home and community based long term-care, and health, prevention and wellness programs.  The AOA also works on protecting elder rights, special projects, tools and resources that help improve elder care services.  If you have re interested in learning more about aging, elder care, or gerontology we invite you to visit the National  Aging Network  to learn more about the services that currently exist, or you can visit our degree in human services program page to learn more about how you can get involved with a career helping others in need.


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