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    Green jobs are jobs that help restore, protect, and conserve the natural environment and can be found across many industries and occupations. To help women attain green jobs and careers, the Women’s Bureau commissioned the creation of a guide titled Why Green Is Your Color: A Woman’s Guide to a Sustainable Career. The Guide aimsto helpincrease awareness and information for women looking to enter green jobs.

    The Women’s Bureau is an agency charged with protecting the interests of working women and advocating for their equality and economic security. After taking note that women lacked awareness or information about green jobs, the bureau created the sustainable career guide to help inform them about opportunities in the growing green economy.

    The guide is divided into several topics, with information about:

    • Benefits of green jobs
    • The types of in-demand and emerging green jobs
    • Education and training opportunities
    • How to find green jobs and prepare for them
    • Green entrepreneurship
    • Examples of women who have succeeded in green jobs
    • How to overcome barriers to career advancement or challenges in green jobs
    • Planning for a green career

    A woman using the guide can skip to the section that interests her because the guide does not need to be read from start to finish. The guide points out that the growing green economy provides new and interesting opportunities that can benefit women. Below is the guide’s list of reasons why green jobs are good for women:

    1- Green jobs can offer women a chance to earn more.

    2- No matter what level one starts at in a green job, one can advance to higher-level responsibilities.

    3- Green jobs are appealing to workers with diverse skills and interests.

    4- Green jobs could offer greater satisfaction because you are part of protecting or restoring the environment.

    5- Age of workers is not an issue in green jobs.

    6- Green employers are seeking or will be seeking new employees. (Women’s Bureau, 2011)

    If you are a woman or know a woman interested in green jobs or new career opportunities, the guide can answer many questions about green jobs and the green economy. Students of our environmental policy and management programs may find the guide to be a good resource as they work toward their careers. Why Green Is Your Color: A Woman’s Guide to a Sustainable Career is available for free download on the Department of Labor’s website.

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