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    Families come in all forms and sizes and are much more than a group of individuals linked together by birth. The needs and dynamics of every family are unique to its members. Family wellness and family support can help foster security and comfort during difficult times. This month the Center for Public Service and  College of Public Service would like to highlight the importance of family and encourage a better understanding of family and diversity. 

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    Helicopter Parenting

    I tend to think of “helicopter parenting” as a modern concept. However, the term has been in our lexicon since Dr. Hiamm Ginott’s landmark book, Parents & Teenagers, was published in 1969.

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    CPS - Arnez

    Student Spotlight: Arnez Cooper

    Educating kids and empowering others to improve their lives, especially for the sake of their families, has always been a passion for human services graduate Arnez Cooper. She is responsible for the case management of 36 families through site visits, developing and overseeing parenting groups, providing ongoing support planning, and helping with everyday needs such as housing and food.

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    CPS - Whitini

    Whitni Hodge, Master of Science in Psychology, Addictions Graduate

    “I still pinch myself that I had the nerve to pick myself up and go back to school to develop a great career and be a great example to my sons. I tell anyone who listens that if I can do it they can too!” 

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    CPS - ACF

    The Administration for Children and Families: Providing Opportunity

    The College of Public Service would like to recognize the Administration for Children & Families (ACF), a division of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. The ACF strives to provide leadership, partnership, and resources to support the resiliency, safety, health, and economic security of families, youth, children, individuals, and communities around the nation.

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    CPS - Trinette Fountain

    Redefining the New American Family in the Current Recession

    By Trinette Hylton, Adjunct Instructor of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    The U.S. Census defines a family as "a group of two persons or more (one of whom is a householder) related by birth, marriage or adoption and residing together" (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1998c). Over the past 5 years, however, we have seen major shifts in this ideal as family has become a term stretched to include a myriad of diversities. 

    New American Family
    CPS - Family

    Five Tips to Improve Family Wellness, by Melissa Neeley, Adjunct Faculty

    Our society has become very concerned with the idea of wellness. A simple search on the Internet yields a plethora of websites dedicated to improving our wellness (including one for our pets!).

    Family Wellness
    CPS - Bedsworth

    Families Healing from Trauma

    By Jennie Bedsworth, MSW, Kaplan University Adjunct Faculty

    Family trauma can come in a variety of forms. A natural disaster, loss of a loved one to war, and domestic violence are just a few examples—and the effects of each are different.

    Families Healing from Trauma

    Serving Families: 2-1-1 Initiative

    By Elizabeth G. Donnellan, MEd, ABD 


    A human service hotline initiative, called the 2-1-1 National Initiative, established federal funds administered by the United Way and the Alliance for Information and Referral Specialists (AIRS) for the development of social service hotlines.

    Serving Families
    CPS - Jeryl Matlock

    Working Parents

    by Jeryl Matlock, PhD, Kaplan University Adjunct Faculty 

    Child development theory has shown that it is quite natural for young children to get upset and cry when their parents leave them with others.

    Working Parents
    CPS - Ruble

    How can we support the grandparents of the children we serve?

    By Verlinda Ruble, Faculty, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 

    What thoughts come to your mind when you think about the grandparent’s role in the lives of the children that you serve? Learn more about the grandparents raising their grandchildren and how we can support them.

    Supporting Grandparents

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