• Faculty and Students Standing Out

    Graduates from Kaplan University shared their success stories and experiences in their fields. Whether it's human services, psychology, criminal justice, public administration, legal studies, or social and behavioral sciences, Kaplan University has been committed to helping students reach their educational goals. Read the stories below and get inspired to see how you can stand out in your career and reach your educational goals.

  • CPS - Swann

    Kaplan University Student James Swann: Air Force Sergeant and Elite Military Dog Trainer Working to Protect Us

    Learn more about Kaplan University Student Air Force Staff Sergeant James Swann and his work training military work dogs.

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    Mary K. Lannon

    What I Do As a Police Communications Supervisor

    By Mary K. Lannon, PhD, Criminal Justice/Homeland Security Faculty

    Do you have a calling to serve and protect but you also like the field of communications? Perhaps you don’t have to choose. In this article faculty member Mary Lannon, who works as a police communications supervisor, shares her insights about what the role. These highly trained professionals work with citizens as well as a team of responders, including police, fire, and medical personnel.

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    Dr. Kim MIller

    Investigating Fraud and Money Laundering Threats and Cases

    By Dr. Kim Miller, Kaplan University Department of Criminal Justice

    Dr. Kim Miller has worked as a certified fraud examiner, subject-matter expert, and licensed private detective in New Jersey. In this article she writes about her experience investigating fraud and money laundering threats and cases and the work that fraud examiners and investigators perform.

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    From Local Law Enforcement to a Civilian Role in the US Coast Guard

    By Robyn A. Kapperman, Kaplan University College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Faculty member Robyn Kapperman discusses how she used her skills and experience as a law enforcement officer to transition into a civilian role with the Coast Guard.

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    CPS - Michael Sorich

    Michael J. Sorich: Assistant State Attorney and Adjunct Faculty Member Discusses His Career in Public Service

    As a Cook County assistant state’s attorney for the past 10 years, I have had the fortune to have a wide array of experiences and opportunities throughout my career.

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    Kelly Condie

    Alumni Spotlight: Kelly Condie Paved Her Path to Leadership Through Dedication to Her Career and Studies

    Meet early childhood development graduate Kelly Condie and how she applied her Kaplan University education to her career as the director of a nonprofit childcare center.

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    CPS - Lisa Wright

    Faculty Member Dr. Lisa Wright Reaches Children With Autism

    By Dr. Lisa Wright, Kaplan University Faculty 


    Dr. Lisa Wright is a professor in Kaplan University’s Department of Educational Studies. She currently leads three classes in early childhood development, which cover the overall field as well as preparation for a career and early childhood development observation and assessment.

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    Jobs Working With Children

    Living the Dream Every Day: Working With Young Children

    Do you dream of becoming a teacher? Kaplan University faculty member, Dr. Darlene Estes, tells her inspiring story of how she fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming an early childhood development teacher.

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    CPS - Marie Wallace

    Faculty Spotlight: Meet Dr. Marie Wallace—Professor, Writer, and Advocate

    Dr. Marie Wallace has been a professor at Kaplan University for 8 years. She currently teaches Child and Adolescent Development in our School of Education, and contributed two articles for this month’s celebration of African American History Month.

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    Paul Myers

    Graduate Paul Myers Overcomes Challenges to Advance his Education Career

    Learn about Kaplan University graduate Paul Myers and how gaining an online master’s degree in education is helping him reach his goals in educational leadership.

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    Andres West

    Student Spotlight: Andres West, Master of Science in Higher Education Graduate

    Read this month's Student Spotlight on Master of Science in Higher Education graduate Andres West who is combining his love for agriculture with his higher education degree to teach others about horticulture.

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    CPS - Points of Light

    Higher Education Student Goes the Extra Mile to Inspire Others to Reach for the Sky

    According to Ron C. Thornton, his degree and pursuit of education helps him “inspire [his] students to reach for the sky. It represents what hard work can do for you.” He says, “this is what I need to do in life . . . You get to give back and help someone else succeed in life.”

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    Phillip Collazo

    School of Education Graduate, Phillip Collazo: Reducing the Barriers People With Disabilities Face Through Education

    Master of Science in Higher Education graduate is a passionate advocate for helping children with disabilities, and has dedicated his life to creating a better world for them. Learn more about Phillip and his goal to teach teachers how to better serve their special needs students.

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    Faculty Spotlight: Julie Riley

    Julie Riley, chair of the human services program, works with Family Promise, an organization that helps keep families together by temporarily housing families in churches and varied community housing so they can all stay together. Learn more about her work in the human services field and helping families.

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    CPS - Washington

    Gerod Washington—Human Services Graduate Working in Resident Childcare Shares His Online Learning Experience at Kaplan University

    Human services graduate Gerod Washington enjoys his job as a resident childcare assistant for a local children’s home, and he has been there for nearly 10 years. He is responsible for covering treatment plans with residents, completing paperwork, arranging medical needs, addressing behavior issues, and de-escalating situations.

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    CPS - Arnez

    Student Spotlight: Arnez Cooper

    Educating kids and empowering others to improve their lives, especially for the sake of their families, has always been a passion for human services graduate Arnez Cooper. She is responsible for the case management of 36 families through site visits, developing and overseeing parenting groups, providing ongoing support planning, and helping with everyday needs such as housing and food.

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    CPS - Tasker Main

    Kaplan University Student Tabatha Tasker Brightens the Holiday Season with her own Toy and Household Goods Drive for Families in Need

    Human services graduate Tabatha Tasker is the founder of Operation Santa 2012 in her West Virginia town of Terra Alta. All year long she has been collecting donations to help provide Christmas gifts and household goods to children and families in need.

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    CPS - Fielder

    Alumni Answers Her Calling to Help At-risk Youth

    “My experience at Kaplan University gave me a new confidence that I didn't have before. The portfolio classes made me realize that I really do have the credentials to be a human service professional,” she said. “I don't think I realized how much work experience I had gained. By analyzing this part of my career, I gained more self-esteem and confidence!”

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    CPS - Cheri Schumann

    Using Her Firsthand Experience to Help Others Live Clean and Sober

    Cheri Schumann is a Kaplan University psychology graduate whose dream was to become a substance abuse counselor to help people struggling with addiction. Read her story to learn more about her journey to start a career in the addictions field.

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    Child Behavioral Therapist by Day, Marine Corps Servicewoman on Weekends

    "The children I work with are so special. It is wonderful to see them grow and evolve under my care. Even the simplest tasks can seem so daunting to some of these kids. When they accomplish something, even just tying their shoes, their confidence soars and they can take on new tasks. It is very fulfilling and rewarding."

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    CPS - Ocampo

    Student Spotlight: Cheryl Ocampo

    MS in Psychology student Cheryl Ocampo changed her career path so she could help children with behavioral disabilities. She also has a child with autism which led her to create a nonprofit focused on helping families become the best advocates they can be for their children.

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    Catie Behling

    Kaplan University College of Public Service Graduate Catie Behling Knows Firsthand How Her Actions Make a Difference

    As a behavior analyst, Catie works with families and children, helping them meet their needs and bringing a voice to children unable to speak or communicate.

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    CPS - Dreisbach

    In the Face of Life’s Challenges, Psychology Student Goes Back to School Determined to One Day Start Her Own Private Counseling Practice

    Linda Dreisbach–in the face of life’s challenges, psychology student goes back to school determined to one day start her own private counseling practice.

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    Student Spotlight: Erica Smith

    Inspired by a family of social good, Kaplan University alumni helps high-risk adolescents in foster care while continuing to pursue her graduate degree in psychology.

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