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    Faculty Spotlight: Meet Dr. Marie Wallace—Professor, Writer, and Advocate

     Faculty Spotlight: Meet Dr. Marie Wallace—Professor, Writer, and Advocate

    Dr. Marie Wallace has been a professor at Kaplan University for 8 years. She currently teaches Child and Adolescent Development in our School of Education.

    In addition to being a professor, Dr. Wallace has several other accomplishments. Her children's book, My Traveling Grandma (New Ways Writers House, 2008), was inspired by her conversations with numerous traveling grandparents like herself. She was also invited to be part of the Oxford Round Table, a not-for-profit organization that promotes education, art, science, religion and charity by means of academic conferences and publication of scholarly papers. She has vast experience in education and rehabilitation counseling and management, as well as diversity training.

    Dr. Wallace also works as a consultant for an educational training company where she presents programs to schools on the Section 504 Process, Response to Intervention, and the Student Intervention Process. As she explains to her class and her clients, “It is critical to find your ‘hook’ to connect with your students. Your relationship with them is the key to your success. The more you know about how they think and what they’re dealing with at home, the more you’ll be able to help make a difference in their lives.”

    Dr. Wallace also is on the board of “Fifty One Plus You,” an international organization addressing the increasing population of homeless and neglected children. She earned her PhD in education, her school counseling certification, a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling and an undergraduate degree in psychology.

    Dr. Wallace resides in Las Vegas with her husband and, as her book details, travels frequently to visit her grandchildren. You can read Dr. Wallace’s articles posted in our Articles and Publications section.

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