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    Dale Kimball, EdD

    A teacher for nearly 40 years, Kaplan University’s Professor Dale Kimball already knew in high school exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up. 

    “I was inspired by my English teacher. He was a great role model. I was excited to learn when I went to his class. His energy and enthusiasm were contagious. He made even the most boring topics really interesting by engaging and interacting with his students. Still to this date, I think of him as one of the very best teachers I have ever come across.”

    Dale’s inspiring “moment in service” came early in his life. He went on to work with many more teachers during his long and distinguished career in education. He has lived in Michigan for nearly his entire life, where he has served as a teacher, coach, principal, superintendent, and currently, a graduate college professor at Kaplan University. In our School of Graduate Education, Dale teaches Educational Psychology and Legal Issues in Education (he wrote the class) as well as education management and education technology courses. He has taught nearly 10 different courses at Kaplan University.

    Dale started out his career teaching English, journalism, and math, and early on began writing and directing language arts curriculum. He also became passionately involved in extracurricular activities as well, coaching football and wrestling. In addition, he has coached champion tennis, softball, and cross-country running teams to numerous victories. 

    “I realized early on the importance of students getting involved,” he said. “Whether it’s sports or the debate team or the photography club, students who are engaged and passionate about something tend to do much better in school.”

    Dale continued to support extracurricular activities, as he became a principal and eventually, a superintendent in the Michigan and Texas public school systems. He recently retired after 20 years as a superintendent, and became an instructor for Kaplan University in our masters of art in teaching program. He has been teaching at Kaplan University for nearly 4 years.

    “I love teaching educators,” Dale said. “Everything I’m teaching I have lived. It’s not just based in theory but in practice as well. I feel like it has all come full circle!”

    He continued, “I really have enjoyed the opportunity to influence how educators teach their students. I especially like to teach Educational Psychology. It provides me the opportunity to help teachers really reach their students with different strategies and methods.”

    Dale continued, “So many colleges and universities do a poor job teaching pedagogy, the science and art of education. I’ve seen a lot of good teachers instructing the same way in which they were taught. The reason is that they never got solid pedagogical training in college, so they fall back on what they know.”

    “When you think about it, our teachers actually receive less training than a fast-food worker at McDonald’s! When teachers are hired, many schools offer no orientation for the classes they are expected to teach, because principals assume that they received appropriate pedagogical training in college. Often, this has not been the case. Compare this to the one week of training and orientation that McDonald’s employees receive. Our teachers need more guidance.”

    Dale is excited to now be in a position where he can help effect change in the field, teaching at Kaplan University. 

    “Kaplan University is an exceptional school,” he said. “I had heard of its reputation, and as a professor, I can really see what a tremendous difference we are making in the lives and careers of our students. Our curriculum is top-notch. Our professors teach from the heart—we are all very passionate about helping others. We all have a minimum of a decade of experience, and we all are committed to staying current on the trends in education, so we can provide the best education and counsel to our future educators!”

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