• Rebecca Arvans-Feeney

    Full Time Faculty Member and Licensed Psychologist Helping Others Improve their Lives

    Arvans-Feeney currently teaches three courses at Kaplan University, and she is the course lead for two classes. She also is the applied behavior analysis (ABA) liaison for relevant behavioral organizations. 

    In addition, Arvans-Feeney runs a part-time practice in Reno, Nevada where she sees individuals with mental health needs. Her primary focus is working with patients who have disabilities and mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety. "I love teaching and inspiring the next wave of board certified behavior analysts*-it's something I really missed doing in private practice."

    Arvans-Feeney is a licensed psychologist in both Nevada and Colorado, and a doctoral level board certified behavior analyst (BCBA-D). She also is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Applied Behavior Analysis.

    Arvans-Feeney obtained her doctorate degree in psychology from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan and completed an American Psychological Association (APA) approved internship at the prestigious Munroe Meyer Institute in Omaha, Nebraska. She has worked with children and adults across several settings, including outreach clinics, early intervention home and school programs, mental health clinics, medical centers, juvenile homes, and assessment clinics. 

    In addition, Arvans-Feeney has completed and published extensive research regarding individuals with disabilities in outpatient settings and in early intervention programs.

    "I was inspired to enter the profession as I wanted to know why people do what they do, and what causes some people to succeed while others fail," Arvans-Feeney said. "As to what inspires me… I really enjoy knowing that I've made a difference in people's lives. I've received letters from clients years down the road telling me their successful stories, and attributing much of their accomplishments to what they learned in therapy."

    "In addition to my patients, I've had several students keep in touch with me over the years who are now doing well in the field. They keep me motivated and they make my job meaningful."

    When asked what Kaplan University students should consider when entering the field, Arvans-Feeney said they should consider where they want to live, what they want to do, and the exact credentials, certifications, and licenses they'll need to get there. "Then...work backwards from there. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of time and money on a degree that doesn't get you where you necessarily want to go."

    "Kaplan University has a great online ABA program right now, and we're constantly trying to update our offerings. Our faculty is receptive to students and willing to help them walk in the direction they want to go. I always remind my students to ask their faculty questions. Make your voice heard!"

     * Although certain programs at Kaplan University are designed to prepare students to take various certification or licensing exams, the University cannot guarantee the student will pass those exams. In some cases, field experience, additional coursework, and/or background checks may be necessary to take or to successfully pass the exams.

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