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    Faculty members touch on their experience and knowledge to offer advice on how you can stand out in your public service career. It's always important to get advice from people who have worked in the field and even better from people who prepare others to work in the field. 

    We've highlighted some of our top faculty articles with career advice from entering the field to advancing in it to changing careers. Take a look to find out how you can stand out in your field and make a difference in the lives of others and make an impact with your employers.

  • Tricia_Chandler

    The Role of the Addiction Counselor

    By Tricia Chandler, PhD, LPC, MAC

    Tricia Chandler takes a look at misconceptions about the addiction counseling profession, and explores the many rewarding aspects of this career.

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    Climbing the Steps to a Fulfilling Career in Behavioral Health Fields

    Those interested in working in any of the behavioral health fields should carefully plan their own career path, including research of license/certification options, education, training, volunteer/part-time work, and full-time work.

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    Behavioral Momentum: Applying Behavior Analysis to Your Work as a Behavior Analyst

    As with getting hired, it’s important to do your homework to learn what the requirements are within your department and make sure your professional developments opportunities focus on being able to perform better in your current role.

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    Growing your career

    Bloom Where You Are Planted: Finding the Nourishment to Grow in Your Career

    In order for a career to bloom, specific conditions must be in place. A great education can help you prepare for career growth, just as fertile soil is necessary for a plant to thrive. Kelly Riesenmy, PhD, assistant department chair for the graduate psychology programs shares some advice on how a bachelor's degree ins psychology could provide enough root to start a career and how a master's degree could help nurture their psychology career.

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    How to Succeed and Broaden Your Skills in Your Career in Addictions

    I am asked sometimes, "What does it take to get into the field?" I usually reply, “Do you have a minute, I need a little time to lay this out.” In this article I am going to talk about how to step up into the field of professional addictions counseling.

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    getting into behavioral analysis

    On Getting Your Dream Job in Applied Behavior Analysis

    The field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is one that has had tremendous growth in recent years due to the demand for effective, empirically-verified therapeutic approaches that can be used to address a variety of maladaptive behaviors.

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    Getting Your Dream Job Within Industrial/Organizational Psychology

    There are many variables that determine how well an organization or company operates. Effective communication and conflict resolution, process evaluation, professional competence and effective management are examples of the components necessary for businesses to succeed.

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    The Typical and Not-So-Typical Jobs in Applied Behavior Analysis

    By Kerri Milyko, PhD, BCBA-D


    While many ABA professionals provide services to individuals with autism, there are many other areas that fly under the radar. Faculty member Kerri Milyko takes a look.

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    Human Resources Recruiter: Ensuring a Good Fit

    By Jen Gehring, Kaplan University Faculty

    Interested in Industrial/organizational psychology? Adjunct faculty member Christine Beck shares her experiences and some advice in human resources recruitment.

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    Advancing from Entry Level Law Enforcement Roles into the Special Victim’s Unit—Not Quite Your TV's "SVU"

    By Dr. Kelly Boone, Kaplan University Faculty

    Dr. Kelly Boone, Kaplan University faculty member and an experience detective in a SVU, speaks of his journey from law enforcement to the SVU and clarifies some potential misconceptions about working in this unit.

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    Succeeding and Broadening Your Career Potential in Homeland Security

    Success as an individual within the Homeland Security field will come from several factors, they are your requisite knowledge, skills and ability in your current or desired career path.

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    Strategies for the Aspiring Criminal Justice Professional

    Here are a few important strategies that can help you stand out from the crowd as you strive to work and advance within the criminal justice profession.

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    Pursuing a Career in Homeland Security

    While the field of Homeland Security can be rewarding getting in will take some research and patients on your part.

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    Opportunities in Homeland Security

    Are you the type of person who craves adventure, challenge, and excitement? If so, you may be a perfect candidate for a rewarding career with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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    Aaron Bingamon

    Emergency Managers: A Bit Like Chicken Little But Ready to Protect Everyone From The Falling Sky

    By Aaron Bingamon, CFM

    Think you know what emergency managers do every day? Faculty member Aaron Bingamon clears up some common misperceptions and offers his thoughts on the field.

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    Tips for Landing Your Dream Job in Fire Service

    What child didn’t grow up wanting to be a firefighter at some point in time? Even as adults, how many wish they had actually pursued that option as a career but never did?

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    Advancing in Fire Department

    5 Tips on How to Advance in a Fire Department

    As with getting hired, it’s important to do your homework to learn what the requirements are within your department and make sure your professional developments opportunities focus on being able to perform better in your current role.

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    Public Policy Specialists, Just One Option for Those Interested in Legal Professions and Studies

    Faculty member Jen Gehring shares her perspective on the engaging field of public policy. While many may think that if you want to work in a legal profession, you are limited to opportunities in law offices, that’s not necessarily the case at all. Jen works in public policy and shares what public policy specialist do in this rewarding and dynamic career.

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    So, You Are Considering a Job in Environmental Policy? What a Great Choice!

    Do you like working in an office setting, punching numbers into complicated excel spreadsheets or are you the type of person who prefers to be outdoors and on your feet?

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    Moving Up the Green Career Ladder

    Advancing in an environmental career can take many forms. If you are contemplating the next logical steps as you progress in the environmental field, you might first determine what you consider what “moving up" means for your particular situation.

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    Legal Studies Job

    Getting Into Your Dream Job With a Legal Studies Degree

    Are you have a degree or pursuing in legal studies? Kaplan University faculty member Joanna Bauer, gives sage advice on what you need to do to land your dream legal studies job.

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    Six Tips for Women

    Six Tips for Women Who Want to Enter Public Service

    Professor and Georgia state representative Karla Drenner shares six tips for women who want to enter public service.

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    From Local Law Enforcement to a Civilian Role in the US Coast Guard

    By Robyn A. Kapperman, Kaplan University College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Faculty member Robyn Kapperman discusses how she used her skills and experience as a law enforcement officer to transition into a civilian role with the Coast Guard.

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    Educational Psychology Career

    Educational Psychology Career Paths

    Deciding to attend graduate school is a major life event. After the choice has been made, the question becomes, "Which degree should I pursue?"

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    A Career in Instructional Technology

    Instructional technologists are the problem solvers in many of today's progressive classrooms and training environments. 

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    Like Being a Teacher

    How to Tell if You Like Being a Teacher

    Most teachers cite a desire to work with children as their reason for choosing teaching as a career. Would you enjoy being a teacher? If you think the answer may be “yes,” here are some questions to ask yourself.

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    Shifting Careers

    Shifting Gears: How to Become a Teacher After a Career in Business

    For some business people, a career in education may seem enticing, offering a completely different environment from the business world they know so well and providing many of the intangible perks described above.

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    Art Teacher

    So You'd Like to Be An Art Teacher

    Artists and art lovers often enjoy igniting that passion in others and may find that becoming an art teacher is an ideal career choice.

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    Misty LaCour

    5 Tips for Women Entering the Education Field: Lessons Learned From the Front Lines of Education

    I am a full-time faculty member in the School of Education at Kaplan University and have been an educator for over 15 years. During this time, I have taught in variety of settings, from elementary classrooms to university Teacher Education programs.

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    Sue Zientara

    Supporting Online Students with Learning Disabilities

    By Sue Zientara, PhD, Faculty Member, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    MS in Higher Education faculty member Dr. Zientara discusses ways to create a welcoming online learning atmosphere to fill the needs of all learning preferences and diverse abilities of students.

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    Yvonne Bustamante

    Life Coaches—Helping Others Discover Their Path Towards Potential

    By Yvonne Bustamante, Kaplan University Human Services Faculty

    Life coaches help clients meet their goals and achieve dreams. Get an in-depth look at a this rewarding profession. Human services faculty member Yvonne Bustamante shares some advice about what it takes to become a life coach.

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    Succeeding and Broadening Your Potential in Your Career in Human Services–Child and Family Welfare

    People often enter the field of human services because they want to help others. In child and family agency work, the tasks are endless, but so are the rewards!

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    Career Opportunities in Human Service Administration

    Like many of you who are entering and/or working in the human service field, I chose this field because I wanted to make a difference. Most of us drawn to this career path typically have a strong passion and desire to engage in meaningful work and to help others.

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    human services jobs

    Succeeding and Broadening Your Opportunities in Human Services

    With each course that you have completed, you have become more confident in your skills and excited about your graduation and entry into the workforce. As you begin to think about your career journey in the human services field, take a minute to learn what jobs you can get with a human services degree.

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    Lorena Lashway

    Linking Human Services With Other Professional Fields

    Faculty member Lorena Lashway writes about the importance of linking human services with other professional fields, including those within the legal system, to help people more effectively in times of need.

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    “It Is Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been” A Perfect Quote for Human Service Professionals and Those They Help By Melanie Beath, Kaplan University Faculty

    Human services can be a personally satisfying career choice, and many may choose to pursue to work with nonprofits. Faculty member Melanie Beath offers her thoughts.

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