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    This month, faculty members who teach some of our criminal justice programs are sharing articles and blog posts related to the criminal justice field and criminal justice careers. 

    Read our faculty written articles and blog posts to learn about trending topics including how justice reinvestment could decrease the mass incarceration, perspectives on women in public safety, and probation in juveniles vs. adults. Whether you are interested in a career in criminal justice or are already in the field, we invite you to read the articles below and share them with your peers.

  • Monique Chiacchia

    Reforming Mass Incarceration Through Justice Reinvestment

    By Monique M. Chiacchia, Full-Time Faculty, Legal Studies Programs


    Monique M. Chiacchia writes about the United prison is overpopulated and a disproportionate number of minorities imprisoned, and judges have lost discretion in the wake of mandatory sentencing laws for many offenses States prison system and how it is overpopulated. She discusses reforming mass incarceration through justice reinvestment which modifies approaches to incarceration as well as mandatory sentencing schemes that call for incarceration for minor theft and drug offences and takes discretion out of the hands of judges.

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    Women in Public Safety - Misty Brannan

    Women and Careers in Public Safety

    Choosing a career in public safety is not to be taken lightly. Public safety is full of rewards, fun, excitement, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging like little else can provide. On the other hand, it is hard work. It is a grueling schedule. It is physically, mentally, and, at times, emotionally draining.

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    Val Mertens

    Probation in Juvenile Justice

    By Val Mertens, Ajunct Professor, Criminal Justice Programs


    Professor Val Mertens writes about probation in juvenile justice and there tend to be more services available for juveniles which he believes may be helpful for youthful offenders who may be more likely to respond well to these service than an adult offender.

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