• Be the Voice of Children and Families

    During challenging times or a crisis, children and families require support from a human services professional. Being a child or families voice during a time of distress is a call answered by human services professionals.

    In October, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is launching a Bachelor of Science in Human Services in Youth/Family Service and Administration to help those interested in the human services field be advocates or leaders for children and families. The program offers a well rounded curriculum, with courses on human services administration, domestic violence, and the criminal justice system. 

    We are featuring articles written by faculty members about the opportunities in the human services field and experiences that they have been through. Read the articles below to be inspired to enter the field of human services or to learn more about the field.

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    “It Is Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been” A Perfect Quote for Human Service Professionals and Those They Help By Melanie Beath, Kaplan University Faculty

    Human services can be a personally satisfying career choice, and many may choose to pursue to work with nonprofits. Faculty member Melanie Beath offers her thoughts.

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    National Aging Network

    Human Services Degree—What is Human Services Degree Program?

    Making a difference in the lives of those who are unable to help themselves can be a fulfilling career―one that can impact your community and society in a positive way. See how a human services degree could help.

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    Career Opportunities in Human Service Administration

    Like many of you who are entering and/or working in the human service field, I chose this field because I wanted to make a difference. Most of us drawn to this career path typically have a strong passion and desire to engage in meaningful work and to help others.

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    human services

    What I Actually Do: Human Services

    The human services field offers a variety of career options that involve having a deep compassion for helping those in our communities. This vignette gives a snapshot of the common misconceptions associated with a career in adoptive services.

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    human services jobs

    Succeeding and Broadening Your Opportunities in Human Services

    With each course that you have completed, you have become more confident in your skills and excited about your graduation and entry into the workforce. As you begin to think about your career journey in the human services field, take a minute to learn what jobs you can get with a human services degree.

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    Lorena Lashway

    Linking Human Services With Other Professional Fields

    Faculty member Lorena Lashway writes about the importance of linking human services with other professional fields, including those within the legal system, to help people more effectively in times of need.

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    Succeeding and Broadening Your Potential in Your Career in Human Services–Child and Family Welfare

    People often enter the field of human services because they want to help others. In child and family agency work, the tasks are endless, but so are the rewards!

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