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    KKaplan University School of Education Assistant Dean Maggie Morgan (right) joins Dr. Jill Biden and General Raymond Odierno in celebrating a milestone achievement for Operation Educate the Educators.

    Assistant Dean Attends Washington, DC Event to Aid Military Children

    Kaplan University is among the first 100 signatories for the White House-backed initiative Operation Educate the Educators.

    Maggie Morgan, Assistant Dean of the School of Education, recently attended a White House-backed event honoring members of Operation Educate the Educators, an initiative aimed at helping children whose parents are connected to the military. Kaplan University is among the program’s first 100 signatories.

    At the beginning of the evening, Maggie got an unexpected surprise: She was invited backstage to meet Dr. Jill Biden, wife of United States Vice President Joe Biden, and General Raymond Odierno, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, who are among the program’s chief advocates.

    “It was something I’ll never forget,” said Maggie, who is the wife of an active-duty military officer and the mother of two children. “Finding better ways to address the unique needs of military children has long been a personal, as well as an educational goal for me. As both a parent and a higher education administrator, I am thrilled that someone in the top echelons of the government is focusing their attention on these children’s needs.”

    Operation Educate the Educators aims to prepare educators to lead classrooms and develop cultures that are responsive to children in military families. Kaplan University’s School of Education will offer multiple opportunities throughout the year for students and faculty to participate in the initiative, Maggie said.      

    “Children ofmilitary personnel have typically been a hidden minority in the education world,” she explained. “These children relocate every two to three years on average and change schools frequently. They often have difficulties adjusting to differing curricular requirements, instructional methods, and school climates.”

    To further complicate matters, the children sometimes face parental separations due to service requirements and deployments.

    “We are proud to be a part of such an important and necessary initiative,” said Maggie. “Military children can be found in nearly every school district in the United States. The School of Education is committed to increasing awareness and developing educators that are prepared to make a difference in the lives of these children."

    Operation Educate the Educators is a an outgrowth of Joining Forces, an initiative spearheaded by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Biden, who is a community college teacher.

    Members of The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Military Child Education Coalition lead the initiative. For more information on Operation Educate the Educators, visit AACTE.org or Whitehouse.gov.

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