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    Providing everyone with an access to education helps not only the individual but society. Knowledge and information can help us make decisions that result in positive outcomes. In recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day we are looking at the importance of education in nonviolent social change and featuring articles about organizations that are helping to improve the quality of education and helping others have the same access to education.

  • CPS - Education Blog

    Blog Post: Education is Key for Nonviolent Social Change

    Read this month’s blog post on the importance of providing an access to education for nonviolent social change.

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    Nonprofit: Education Trust

    Nonprofit Spotlight: The Education Trust

    The Education Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to closing the gaps in opportunity and achievement for students from low-income families or who are black, Hispanic, or American Indian. The organization focuses on helping students at all levels of education from pre-kindergarten through college.

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    CPS - E-Learning

    Diversity of Learners, Differentiated Instruction, and e-Learning, By Denise Douglas-Faraci, EdD, Adjunct Faculty

    When we consider meeting diverse learners and diverse learning needs, we should consider multi-media technology tools to deliver and receive differentiated instruction (Gardner, 1993; Kingsley, 2007; Moreno, 2010; Tomlinson, 2001).

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    CPS - Stacie Haen Darden

    Reducing the Graduation Gap of African American Students

    By Stacie Haen-Darden


    Read about online learning tools and how they can help increase retention rates and reduce the graduation gap in African American students.

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