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  • Families

    CPS - Families

    Learn more about issues and resources affecting families from Kaplan University faculty and the Center for Public Service.

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    Making a Difference

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    Learn more about organizations and people making a difference through volunteering and helping others in need.

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    College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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    Social and behavioral sciences programs focus on preparing you to pursue careers and leadership positions in government and civil service.

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    Stories Spotlight

    CPS - Story Spotlights

    Read inspirational stories of Kaplan University faculty, alumni, and organizations dedicated to public service.

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    Center for Public Service Articles

    CPS - Articles LP

    Explore faculty written articles on issues related to the field of public service.




    Read this month’s blog posts on teachers and public service leaders making a difference.

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    Center News and Events

    News and Events

    Stay informed about upcoming events and news for Kaplan University's Center for Public Service.

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    Resources and Industry Information

    Center for Public Service Resources

    Learn about resources related to the field of education.

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