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    Kaplan University's scholarship programs help put dreams within reach.

    We do all we can to help you achieve your goals. Take a look at our scholarship programs that could help you pay for your education here at Kaplan University. 

  • You could save a maximum of $750 per term on your tuition.*

    Unlike student loans, Kaplan University scholarships do not have to be repaid. All of the funds you receive apply directly toward paying your tuition. Our scholarships could lower the price of your degree by as much as $12,750 for eligible students.

    Do you qualify for a scholarship? Find out, today. 

    The process is transparent and fast. Review eligibility and application requirements for Kaplan University’s scholarships, submit your paperwork on time, and you will know if you qualify for a scholarship before your classes even begin. You can even apply for outside scholarships to help fund the pursuit of your dream. Kaplan University scholarships are limited to one per student; however you may combine a Kaplan University scholarship with outside scholarships and/or financial aid.  

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    Single-Parent Scholarship

    Kaplan University has established the Kaplan University Single-Parent Scholarship for new students enrolling in Kaplan University’s undergraduate degree programs.

    Single-Parent Scholarship
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    Kaplan University 75th Anniversary Grant

    For new undergraduate students, $250 per-term reduction in the program tuition, with a maximum value of $4,250 for a bachelor’s degree and $2,250 for an associate’s degree.

    Kaplan University 75th Anniversary Grant
    Scholarships - Single Parent Square

    Military Family Scholarship Program

    Kaplan University and the AFF have joined forces to offer two types of academic scholarships for military family members. Click here to review the requirements or apply.

    Military Family Scholarship Program
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    Outside Scholarships

    The funds you receive from outside scholarships could directly reduce the cost of your education. Kaplan University encourages you to seek out private sources for scholarship aid.

    Outside Scholarships
    CPS - Story Spotlights

    High School Achiever Scholarship

    Kaplan University has established the High School Achiever Scholarship for recently graduated U.S.-based high school students enrolling in Kaplan University’s undergraduate degree programs.

    High School Achiever Scholarship
    Scholarships - Achievement Square

    Achievement Scholarship

    Kaplan University has established the Achievement Scholarship for new students enrolling in Kaplan University’s undergraduate degree programs.

    Achievement Scholarship
    Scholarships - Success Square

    Success Scholarship

    For new undergraduate students enrolling in Kaplan University’s online undergraduate degree programs, $500 per term, with total amount of award not to exceed $8,500.

    Success Scholarship
    Scholarships - Accelerated Square

    Accelerated Scholars Award

    For students who take three or more courses per term. Equal to a 25% reduction off one undergraduate course.

    Accelerated Scholars Award
    Scholarships - Phi Theta Kappa Square

    Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

    Receive up to $500 per term for students who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

    Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
    Scholarships - CJ Square

    Public Service Scholarships

    Kaplan University established the Public Service Scholarship to award students who are currently employed and have at least one year working at a government or non-profit organization, or as a volunteer fire or emergency service worker.

    Public Service Scholarship
  • General Guidelines

    Students will be notified of a scholarship award upon receipt and verification of all official application materials. A Kaplan University scholarship cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other Kaplan University discounts, vouchers, grants, or scholarships. Scholarships may be combined with financial aid and outside scholarships not funded by Kaplan University. Scholarships granted shall be honored in their entirety according to the guidelines specified herein. Scholarships are limited to one per student. Please see the specific requirements noted above.

    Kaplan University reserves the right to amend scholarship policies or awards, or to discontinue granting scholarships to additional students at any time.

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  • * Savings based on length of study, which varies by program and amount of transfer credits, if any, awarded. Scholarship applied at the end of each term, up to a maximum of 17 terms. Master’s scholarship is applied per course ($400), up to a maximum of 10 courses. Amount stated based on receiving the maximum scholarship per term ($750) for 17 terms. Students studying toward associate’s degrees or who receive transfer credit typically study for significantly fewer than 17 terms and do not qualify for maximum savings. Eligibility rules and other terms apply; consult an Admissions Advisor. Scholarships subject to change and/or discontinuation. Cannot be combined with other Kaplan University scholarships, discounts, or grants.

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