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    Kaplan University is committed to helping you find more ways to save on college tuition. Our Tuition Cap, scholarships, grant, military reductions, and transfer and experiential learning credits are some of the ways we can help lower the cost of your tuition and help you graduate sooner

  • Tuition Comparison Worksheet

    At Kaplan University we’re committed to helping students find more ‘Ways to Save’ on college tuition. So to help you find the ‘true’ cost of your college tuition we provided a tuition worksheet that includes important questions you should ask before you decide which college to attend.

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    This calculator is a guide to assist in financial planning for college and provides a preliminary estimate of federal aid eligibility.

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  • Our Tuition Cap Lowers the Cost of Your Education

    At Kaplan University, we are constantly searching for ways to help students seek a brighter future, and that includes making sure our tuition costs are as low as possible. It’s why we are introducing the Kaplan University Tuition Cap for the select programs listed in the table. 

    How it works: When you enroll in a participating Tuition Cap program at Kaplan University, your tuition will be capped, ensuring that you only pay a fixed amount for your education at Kaplan University. Once you hit your tuition cap, you will no longer have to make payments for the rest of your education, even if you have to retake a course, as long as you meet and maintain all enrollment requirements for the Kaplan University Tuition Cap program.  

    Why it helps: Not only will you know exactly how much your education will cost when you enroll, but our Tuition Cap will also help you save 33% off the total cost of your degree.1 It's part of our promise to help make college education more accessible and more affordable. Click here for answers to commonly asked questions.

    Associate of Applied Science ProgramsBachelor of Science Programs
    Business AdministrationBusiness Administration
    Criminal Justice and CriminologyCorrections
    Legal Support and ServicesCriminal Justice
    Public Safety and SecurityEarly Childhood Administration
     Human Services in Youth/Family Services and Administration
     Legal Support and Services
     Psychology in Addictions
     Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis
     Psychology in Industrial/Organizational Psychology


    Tuition and Fees

    To download and view tuition and fee information for Kaplan University students, select a .PDF from the options below. Tuition and fees vary by program, student status, and location. 

    Tuition Information by Program

    You can view detailed tuition information by selecting your program of interest from our academic programs page.

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    Tuition - Maine Campuses
    Tuition - Maryland Campuses
    Tuition - Midwest Campuses
    Single Courses Tuition and Fees
  • Explore the Different Ways You Could Save on Tuition at Kaplan University

  • Scholarships


    Kaplan University Scholarships: You may qualify for one of our Kaplan University scholarships, which could reduce your tuition by as much as $500 per term—a maximum value of $6,000 on your degree.

    Find Scholarships

    Corporate and Academic Tuition Grants


    Kaplan University has partnered with many employers to provide educational benefits to their employees. You may be eligible for a corporate tuition grant.

    We also have relationships with several community colleges. If you are transferring from one of these colleges, you could be eligible for a tuition grant. Faculty and staff may also qualify for tuition benefits on master’s degrees and certificate programs.

    Community College Transfer Students

    Transfer Credits


    Transfer your existing college credits, apply for credit from work and life experiences, or pass a course assessment and you could save time and money while earning your degree.

    Learn more about credit transfers



    Kaplan University believes you have earned a quality education through your service and should not have to pay excessive out-of-pocket expenses to reach your educational goal. As a result we have significantly reduced many of our tuition rates for servicemembers, including Guard and Reserve; veterans; and military spouses. 

    Servicemembers may receive up to a 55%* tuition reduction and veterans up to a 38% reduction. Military spouses receive a 10% reduction, and spouses and dependents of veterans or current military members may be eligible for the Military Family Scholarship Program, which covers over 50% of tuition costs. Please note, these reductions cannot be combined. The 10% reduction for military spouses is not available for programs in which a tuition cap program is offered.    

    *Tuition reduction percentages based on standard tuition rates and do not represent the reduction from special tuition offers such as scholarships or tuition cap programs. 

    Military Tuition and Fees



    For Kaplan University students who are joining us as citizens of countries outside of the United States, we offer a 25% tuition reduction. Find out more about International student admissions requirements.

    International discount does not apply to ExcelTrackTM programs



    Have you been thinking about continuing your education? Our new alumni tuition reduction program for online programs could reduce the cost of your master’s degree by 20%. If you are a returning Kaplan University student, please contact the Office for Returning Students today to find out more. Call 866.318.8649 (toll free) or email alumnireduction@kaplan.edu to request information.

  • 1Students in Maine can receive a 22% savings off the full tuition. Enrollees in programs eligible for Tuition Cap pricing will pay the same tuition cost per quarter credit hour and fees as for other under­graduate programs/enrollees plus $200 per-term administrative fee and other fees. The total cost of the program, though, will be capped, other than applicable background check and/or lab fees. Savings based on amount of transfer credits, if any, awarded, and compared to standard undergraduate tuition. Students who receive transfer credit typically study for significantly fewer terms and do not qualify for maximum savings. Contact an Admissions Advisor for details.

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