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    Kaplan University actively participates in many local events. See what we have going on at the Omaha campus and keep informed of all the latest Kaplan University news.

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    February 03, 2016

    Kaplan Online Library Now Offers ABI/INFORM Complete for Business Research

    ABI/INFORM Complete, the world's leading business research database, is now part of the KU Library! Users can find the most relevant, highest quality content by searching thousands of scholarly journals and trade publications from the world's leading publishers. The content of this database includes the following: 

    • Scholarly journals
    • Working papers
    • Newspapers
    • Blogs
    • Podcasts and websites
    • Books
    • Conference papers and proceedings
    • Dissertations and theses
    • Magazines
    • Reports
    • Standards and practice guidelines
    • Tables
    • Trade journals
    • Wire feeds
    • Video

    Users can explore ABI/INFORM Complete via: library.kaplan.edu/abi 

    September 15, 2015

    Academic Awards

    Congratulations to the following students who earned Academic Awards for the previous term!

    May 31, 2015

    Academic Awards

    Congratulations to the following students who earned Academic Awards for the previous term!

    Omaha - Lori Martin
    Lori Martin
    May 18, 2015

    Student Spotlight: Lori Martin

    Lori Martin shares how she stayed organized during her studies and how Kaplan University helped her develop professionally.

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    Omaha - Mary Saldivar
    Mary Saldivar
    April 01, 2015

    Student Spotlight: Mary Saldivar

    Mary Saldivar shares how her education at Kaplan University prepared her for her profession and what she learned about herself after returning to school. Learn more in this month's Student Spotlight!

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    March 13, 2015

    A Message From Campus President Jeremy Brunssen

    Kaplan University, Omaha campus is in the process of going through a routine re-accreditation visit from the Commission on Dental Accreditation for the Dental Assistant Diploma Program. As a part of the re-accreditation process, the Dental Assistant program is soliciting third-party comments from communities of interest and the public.

    All third-party comments must be provided in writing to the Commission on Dental Accreditation, 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611-2678, no later than May 14, 2015. All written comments must be signed and all signatures will be removed prior to them being included in the site visit at Kaplan University. Additionally, all comments should be related to the standards or policies and procedures used in the accreditation process. A copy of the appropriate accreditation standards and/or the Commission's policy and procedure for submission of complaints may be obtained by contacting the Commission at 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611-2678 or by calling 800.621.8099, extension 4653.

    Kaplan University appreciates your participation as a part of our re-accreditation visit for the Dental Assistant Diploma program.

    Jeremy Brunssen
    Campus President

    Omaha - Katelyn Sorensen
    Katelyn Sorensen
    March 01, 2015

    Student Spotlight: Katelyn Sorensen

    Learn more about Katelyn Sorensen, a graduate of the Omaha campus, and read her advice for current Kaplan University students.

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    Omaha-Travis Potter
    Travis Potter
    January 29, 2015

    Student Spotlight: Travis Potter

    Here at the Kaplan University, Omaha campus, we take pride in the education that we provide our students. As part of our efforts to recognize the professional strides our grads are making, our Student Spotlight will feature one graduate who has successfully transitioned from student to employee!

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    OM - DrKatePepin_213
    Dr. Kate Pepin
    December 16, 2014

    Nursing Faculty Member Appointed to the Nebraska Board of Nursing

    Dr. Kate Pepin, a member of the Omaha campus nursing faculty has been appointed by the Nebraska State Board of Health to serve as a practical nurse educator member of the Board of Nursing. Her term will begin on December 1 and will end on November 30, 2019.

    January 21, 2014

    Omaha Campus Winter 2014 Graduates

    The staff and faculty of Kaplan University would like to wish all of our graduates the best as they venture on into a new chapter of their lives and careers. Click here for a list of the Kaplan University, Omaha campus winter 2014 graduates. 

    September 09, 2013

    Kaplan University-Omaha Joins Forces in The Prevention of At-Risk Drinking

    Kaplan University -Omaha Campus President Jeremy Brunssen and Academic Dean Kara Steffey recently attended the Omaha Collegiate Consortium (OCC) meeting to learn more about the collective effort of Omaha Universities to address at-risk drinking, and the plans to implement prevention strategies on campuses, as well as in the community.


    Omaha Director of Student Services Rebecca Jacobs has represented Kaplan University at the consortium for several years. The group has grown and now includes eight local colleges and universities. While the populations at each institution differ, the common goals are the same, to include educating students on risk of over-consumption and empowering students to make smart choices about their own behaviors, as well as feeling confident in sharing information with their peers and families.


    With the support of campus leadership, the OCC plans to increase activity at the Omaha community level in 2014 through coordination with law enforcement and community officials, as well as community-wide campaigns.  


    The OCC works closely with area prevention coalitions, to include the LiveWise coalition which Kaplan University-Omaha has also worked with to hold campus activities and educational events. Kaplan University-Omaha recently hosted a LiveWise meeting at the campus for over 20 community members.

    OM - Jourdan Volkman
    Jourdan Volkman
    February 28, 2013

    Student Success Story

    While working three jobs, completing her externship with Omaha Children's Clinic and raising her son Tavin, Jourdan Volkman has proven herself to have a promising career ahead of her. As a work study for both Health Sciences and Career Services Jourdan has been an asset with her attention to detail and administrative skills that have grown with her career as a Medical Assistant. Shortly after successfully completing her externship Jourdan was hired by Alegent Creighton Health and is working as a Medical Assistant while pursuing her Bachelor of Healthcare Administration with Kaplan University's Omaha campus. Way to go Jourdan! We are proud of you! 

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