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  • Curriculum: Nursing Single Courses

    Nursing - Advanced Practice Nursing Core Essentials


    This course integrates knowledge of advanced physiology and pathophysiology across the lifespan and the clinical implications for the advanced practice nurse. Function and dysfunction of organ systems are analyzed from the cellular level through the integrated organ level. Students will examine the pathophysiological factors that influence the incidence and manifestations of acute, episodic, and chronic diseases in populations across the lifespan. Disease processes and symptom management approaches are investigated utilizing an evidence-based approach. Influences of gender, genetic, ethnic, cultural, and temporal variables of human disease are analyzed.

    Prerequisites Required: Completion of all MSN core courses

    Total Nursing - Advanced Practice Nursing Core Essentials Credits: 15
    Total Program Credits: 0


    This course addresses the theoretical principles and practical application of advanced physical assessment and history-taking throughout the lifespan. Relationships between assessment findings and underlying physiology and pathophysiology to the healthy and unhealthy client are investigated. Emphasis is on developing critical diagnostic thinking through interpretation of subjective and objective data, identification of normal and abnormal conditions, and the systematic reporting of summative findings. Clinical judgment and clinical reasoning skills are used in establishing differential diagnoses. Students will learn to address variables such as age, culture, ethnicity, and developmental stages into their differential diagnosis and evaluation and management plans.

    Prerequisites Required: MN 551 and MN 553

    Total Nursing - Advanced Practice Nursing Core Essentials Credits: 15
    Total Program Credits: 0


    This course integrates advanced knowledge of pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and genomics across the lifespan and prepares the advanced practice nurse to prescribe pharmacotherapeutics safely and effectively. You will examine ethical, legal, regulatory, and cost-effective prescribing practices of the advanced practice nurse. Communication plans for the interdisciplinary team, clients, and/or families for both prescriptive and nonprescriptive drug therapies will be explored.

    Prerequisites Required: Prerequisite: MN 551; can be taken as a corequisite.

    Total Nursing - Advanced Practice Nursing Core Essentials Credits: 15
    Total Program Credits: 0

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