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    Josephine Garcesa-Duque, Kaplan University Graduate, Master of Science in Nursing, 2011

    Ask Josephine Garcesa-Duque, a nurse at a heart center in a hospital, and she’ll tell you in no uncertain terms, “I love Kaplan University, I love the faculty, and the education is excellent.”

    While she was completing her degree program, five of her work colleagues enrolled at Kaplan University.
    Coincidence? Perhaps.

    With a real thirst for learning, Josephine began her Master of Science in Nursing at Kaplan University in 2009, and walked across the stage to receive her degree in August 2011. As she shook the hand of Kaplan University President Wade Dyke, she could hear her late mother’s words: “I can’t give you everything but education will open doors for you.”

    That conversation has left an indelible mark on her life. Josephine’s mother instilled values of determination, humility, and courage, which Josephine has now passed on to her 11-year-old daughter. Today her daughter says, “Mom you have assignments too, and I expect you to get an A.”

    A lifelong learner, Josephine knows that learning is not just about finishing a class. It’s a continual process of stimulation through reading, engaging, and learning from exchanges with others, experience, and formal education. She has become an inspiring influence in her coworkers’ lives, as they too want to graduate from Kaplan University one day.

    Today, Josephine works as a critical care cardiac nurse, administering care to patients with heart issues. “With my master’s degree, I now have more options. I want to be a clinical instructor because I’m passionate about learning and teaching in an industry that needs more clinical instructors.”

    “Knowledge without action is useless. You have to put it into action. Knowledge empowers people. It empowers me.”


    This testimonial was solicited by Kaplan University. Views and opinions stated herein are the individual’s and not necessarily those of Kaplan University. Individual student schedules and experiences may vary. The program referenced in this advertisement is designed to teach students certain skills that could be used in connection with the position stated, but does not qualify students to apply for that position. Kaplan University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement. Additional training or certification may be required.

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