• Barbara Erickson, Kaplan University Faculty and Master of Science in Nursing Graduate, 2011

    I started school to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) back in 1982. When I completed the fundamentals I was able to get a job in the hospital where I was going to school as what was called a “nursing check” back then. I went on to earn my associate’s degree a few years later and continued working as a registered nurse (RN). As time went on I decided I wanted to advance my career, so in 2006 I joined Kaplan University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing—RN-to-BSN program. When I finished the BSN program, I decided to go for my Master of Science in Nursing degree because what I really wanted to do was teach. The further I progressed in the program, the more I realized I wanted to teach online, particularly at Kaplan University, because I had such a great experience as a student. I graduated the master’s degree program in 2011 and applied for a teaching position immediately.

    From Student to Faculty

    Now that I teach, I can understand and empathize with my students. I try to make a connection with them so the learning environment is comfortable and they can get the most out of their educational experience. I teach in the RN-to-BSN program, and occasionally in the MSN program. One thing I hear over and over from my RN-to-BSN students is that it’s difficult to find employment with just an associate’s degree in nursing. I feel gratified knowing that I’m helping them get to a position in life where they can take the next step professionally.

    The flexibility of Kaplan University’s online courses is a big benefit to my students, and to me as an instructor. It’s so convenient not having to travel. You can learn on your time. Plus, all of the course information is available from day one, so there are no surprises. All the work is easily accessible and the curriculum is set, which enables me to spend more time with students.

    If I could tell anyone considering an online nursing education one thing, I would tell them to do it today. There are so many opportunities out there for nurses to advance their careers, especially with all the changes in health care we are seeing. Kaplan University is a great place to get the education they need to be prepared for what’s next. I’m a perfect example when you think about it: I went from student, to bedside nurse, back to student, and now professor, and I couldn’t be happier.

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