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    Nursing is not only a rewarding career but one that can offer flexibility with your personal life. However, whether you’re pursing your first degree in nursing or continuing your education, adding school to an already full plate can be overwhelming. Earning a nursing degree online can provide flexibility to fit the schedules of busy, working professionals.  

    Online nursing programs can open up possibilities you might not experience with a typical traditional program. For example, your local college might not offer programs specific to the areas of study that interest you. Whether your goal is to pursue a position in a hospital emergency room, a doctor’s office, in home health, or in a practice as an RN or NP, finding a degree that aligns with your specific nursing interests is important. 

    Online programs can provide the opportunity to focus on those specific interests, regardless of where you live. Deborah Adell, MSN, DNP and academic department chair for MSN and DNP degree programs at Kaplan University also points out that without the hindrance of geography, the pool of great professors also becomes much larger. 

    “Faculty are no longer tied to their geographic location. As a result, students are able to learn from teachers, researchers, and clinicians from around the country, in all different time zones.  In addition, these professors can continue to practice in their professional role or advance their research agenda with a flexible online teaching schedule. In turn, students benefit from faculty bring both professional experience and years of teaching experience to the classroom.”

    If you are the kind of student who enjoys collaborating and networking with the rest of your class, online programs can still be a great fit. Adell points out, “Courses such as ours at Kaplan University are designed to maximize student/faculty interaction.” To encourage this interaction, each Kaplan University student is assigned an Education Advisor, and courses may provide opportunities to access to live seminars and connect with other students and faculty via online discussion boards. Plus, rather than being limited to a network of people within a classroom, the online route allows students to communicate with fellow classmates all around the country.

    “Prelicensure BSN and ADN students enrolled at our local campuses also experience the flexibility of online learning.  These programs combine online theoretical learning with clinical and laboratory experiences in their local communities," said Andrea Gibson, MSN, RN and associate dean of campus nursing for Kaplan University. “The nursing department arranges all clinical experiences to ensure these experiences align with course outcomes and regulatory requirements from the respective boards of nursing. In addition, students are exposed to nursing roles in varied settings."  

    While a significant portion of Kaplan University students' clinical experiences occur in the hospital or acute care setting, clinical experiences also include involvement in the local communities.

    So whether you are interested in just entering the nursing profession or you work full time and want to advance in your education from wherever you are, earning a nursing degree online could be a great fit for you!

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