• Nursing Behind Bars

    Correctional Nursing: Explore a Career Path With Endless Opportunities

    Selecting the right career path and specialization can be challenging. In addition to selecting something that suits your strengths and background, and has a bright outlook in the future, there's the conundrum of potentially having to select from several different interests. The good news is that there are several career paths that allow you to work within different interests and industries.

    For those interested in criminal justice and nursing, there is correctional nursing.  It is a fast-growing field in the United States.* It can be incredibly rewarding to nurses who have a passion to make a difference and prefer to work with a bit more autonomy. Hear from a Kaplan University alumna, Kathy Humbertson, RN, BSN, MBA-HCM, working in this profession as a statewide director of nursing at Wexford Health Sources. She explains that correctional nursing is a safe job with a range of exciting opportunities.

    So don't give up on following your passions and perhaps even combining two interest areas into a single career path. Read Kathy's story and see how she's doing just that.

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