• Health Literacy

    Health Literacy in the United States

    Limited health literacy is an important public health issue as it can affect patient safety and health outcomes. Marilyn McDonald program lead in the School of Nursing, takes a look at this critical topic.

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    5 Nursing Jobs

    Why Telehealth Nursing?

    Telehealth nursing is emerging as an important component of the health care crisis solution. Faculty member Laura Shenkman takes a look at telehealth and how it can impact some of today's most challenging problems.

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    Men in Nursing

    Despite contemporary misconceptions, men helped blaze the historical beginnings of the nursing profession and continue today in the tradition of providing care and expertise to those in need.

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    NU - Patient Safety

    The Top Six Things Nurses Can Do to Improve Patient Safety

    Nurses have the opportunity to make a significant impact on patient safety, including common safety concerns such as medications errors, patient handoffs, and missed care. This NursingJobs.com article looks at six suggestions from experts. 

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    NS - Choosing a Professional Organization

    Choosing a Profession

    Professional organizations add richly to your professional and personal life, as sources for continuing education and networking, and ultimately fostering your growth within the profession.

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    Choosing a Nursing Certification

    Certification is not a new concept, and nurses have been offered certification in specialty areas since the mid-1970s. A distinct difference between licensure and certification is that, in most cases, licensure is required while certification is voluntary.

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    The Benefits of Mentoring Relationships

    As a student, having a mentor during your educational career can be an excellent resource and tool to help you achieve your educational goals.

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    NU_Benefits of Paperless

    Benefits of Going Paperless

    Options for going paperless have increased over the past two decades. In the area of health care, going paperless is beneficial to patients and helps reduce cost. As patients live longer, with multiple medical issues, developing a plan of care that meets their needs has become increasingly challenging.

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    NU - Acute Versus Primary Care NP

    Acute Care Versus Primary Care Nurse Practitioners

    As the numbers of nurse practitioners (NPs) grow and the demand for their services increases, understanding their role becomes increasingly important. Learn more about the differences between acute and primary care NPs.

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    NU - Choosing a Position

    Choosing a Nursing Position

    After the excitement of earning your nursing degree and license wears off, new graduate nurses face the somewhat daunting task of pursuing their first nursing job. First-time job seekers and career changers alike need to approach their job search with a thoughtful strategy and the same level of determination that got them across the NCLEX finish line.

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    NU_Sweet Facts_Article

    Public Health Concerns in Nursing: Sweet Facts

    As nurses, we must understand, recognize, diagnose, prevent, treat, advise, and most of all, help and care for populations at risk. Faculty member Julie Omsberg looks at one health concern often overlooked: the effects of sugar.

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    NU - Choosing Specialty

    Choosing a Nursing Specialty

    Whether you are a new graduate nurse or a seasoned nurse completing further schooling, there are similarities when considering a specialty. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will help you identify opportunities and avoid imprudent career choices.

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    The Benefits of Student Volunteerism

    Volunteering is an important way for student nurses to gain valuable experience and opportunities for their careers while strengthening their communities and helping those in need.

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    A Move Toward Innovation

    Because there is such a great need for nurses to be well-trained and able to meet the needs of a diverse patient population, Kaplan University’s School of Nursing is making some innovative moves in student learning.

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    Breaking the Mold of Hospital Nursing

    Graduating from nursing school is an exciting time in a nurse's career. Choosing the next step to begin nursing practice can be a daunting and challenging experience. It is a common belief that hospital based nursing is the only route for practice for newly graduated and newly licensed registered nurses (RN's).

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    The Benefits of Earning a Nursing Degree Online

    Nursing is not only a rewarding career, but is one that can offer flexibility with your personal life. However, whether you're pursing your first degree in nursing or continuing your education, adding school to an already full plate can be overwhelming.

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    Nursing Careers Off the Beaten Path

    You’re on your way to becoming a nurse. Are you aware that nursing careers are becoming more versatile than ever before?

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    e-Portfolio: Gaining the Competitive Edge

    In spite of the current and increasing nursing shortage in the U.S. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014), competition is high and pursuing your desired professional nursing position can be a challenge. So the question is, how can an RN gain a competitive edge?

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    Chronicity: What You Need to Know

    Chronic disease is a growing health concern. What is chronic disease? Better understand this increasing health concern.

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    NU - Public Health Nursing

    Public Health Nursing: Renewing the Focus on Community Care

    Shorter length of stays in acute care settings over recent years as well as increasing numbers of community-based treatment facilities have resulted in a transition of care to the community.

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    Nursing Careers: New Tech Trends in Nursing

    Before the extensive application of technology in health care, nurses relied heavily upon their own senses to monitor patient status and changes. Over time, technology has introduced equipment to replace some of these human observations.

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    men in nursing150x150

    Growing Opportunities for Nurses Who Are Men

    Learn about the growing number of men who are entering the nursing profession and the new and exciting opportunities for men already working in this growing field.

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    nurse practitioners

    The Difference Between a Nurse Practitioner and a Physician's Assistant

    When deciding whether to pursue a nurse practitioner (NP) degree or a physician’s assistant (PA) degree, it’s important to not only consider education requirements, but also to keep in mind one’s personal goals and individual strengths.

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    Nursing Informatics

    Nursing Informatics: What Is It?

    Nursing informatics is a growing, fairly new specialty that integrates the science of nursing with technology and analytical sciences. Because of the development of the nursing informatics field, health care organizations are better equipped to identify, define, manage and communicate data, knowledge, and wisdom within the practice of nursing.

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    The Benefits of Earning Advanced Nursing Certifications

    Do you enjoy a specific area of nursing more than others? Do you understand what earning a nursing certification entails and how it could benefit you? By law, registered nurses are not required to be certified in any specific area. However, many nurses who choose a clinical specialty decide to become certified in that area.

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    NU - Underserved Communities

    World of Opportunity: Nursing in Underserved Communities

    Take a look at this infographic, which explores some of the ways in which RNs can advance their careers and highlights a number of the most popular pathways available to them.

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    Time Management and Nursing

    Nursing and Time Management

    By nature of the job, nurses have a particularly unpredictable and potentially stressful reality. Whether in nursing school, at your first job, or working while seeking a higher degree, time management skills can go a long way toward alleviating stress and helping nurses to be more productive and efficient.

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    Nursing Career

    How a Career In Nursing Can Grow and Adapt to Fit Your Changing Life

    As your life ebbs and flows, your career needs and goals also change. Getting married, having children, and then watching your children go off to school…You may have more time to devote to your career at different stages of your life. Nursing is one career path that can be flexible with your life changes.

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    Gerontology Infographic

    Does America Need More Gerontological Nurses

    There is a shortage in the number of people going into gerontology medicine, a field that is expected to grow. This infographic shows compelling facts suggesting that the future of nursing is in the gerontology field.

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    Affordable Care

    The Affordable Care Act and the Vital Role of Nurse Practitioners

    March 23, 2015, marked the fifth anniversary of United States President Barack Obama signing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law, providing Americans with better access to health insurance than ever before. Since that date, more than 16 million people have become insured under the ACA, according to an update published by the White House, and as a result, the health care profession has been greatly impacted.

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    Advance Your Nursing Career

    Take a look at this infographic, which explores some of the ways in which RNs can advance their careers and highlights a number of the most popular pathways available to them.

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    Aging America: An Overview of the Concerns Facing the Growing Elderly Population as They Transition into Nursing Home and Long-Term Care Facilities

    By Annemarie Kelly, Legal Studies Faculty Member

    The aging of millions of baby boomers—those born shortly after World War II— is contributing to increased demands on America’s health system.

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    Nu - Nurse and Patient

    Why a Nursing Shortage Presents Great Opportunity

    Whether you are just entering the workforce or considering a career change, the nursing shortage presents an opportunity to work in what many consider the most trusted profession in the nation. Beyond standard job-related benefits, nurses often cite the personal benefits as one of the main reasons they chose their career.

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    NU - Woman and Nurse

    9 Major Misconceptions About Nursing

    Nursing may be one of the oldest and most well-known professions, but public knowledge of this growing career field still holds some misunderstandings. This article discusses 9 common myths about the nursing profession—and the truths behind them.

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    Time Management

    Good Time Management: Reduces Stress and Increases Rewards of Nursing

    It’s one thing to say you’ll improve your time management skills. It’s another thing to effectively do so. To manage time well, as a nurse, there are some key habits to develop.

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    NU_Evolving Roles

    The New Millennium: The Evolving and Emerging Role of a Nurse

    Changing health care in the United States means that nursing roles must evolve to serve a broader patient base. As the need for primary care providers swells due to health care reform, the need for different types of nurses, especially those with a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, is also expected to increase.

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    3 Signs It's Time to Go Back to Nursing School

    You've gone through nursing school and gotten your degree. You may even have years of experience in nursing and feel confident in your abilities. But there may come a time where you start considering whether going back to nursing school is right for you. 

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    Nursing Behind Bars

    Nursing Behind Bars

    For those interested criminal justice and nursing there is correctional nursing. It is one of the fastest growing fields in the country. Read why a Kaplan University alumni decided to take this career path.

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    Success in Nursing

    Secret to Success in Nursing: Top Three Qualities That Will Help Nurses Succeed

    The qualities that define a successful nurse remain the same and always will but in the midst of so much change, adaptability, staying grounded and advanced education are key.

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    Finding Your Passion

    Finding Your Passion

    Before you begin your career in nursing or think about making a career change, do some soul searching to make sure that the career you choose is fulfilling and rewarding.

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    Time to Change Careers

    How Do You Know When It's Time to Change Careers?

    Just because you embarked on a given career path doesn’t mean it was the right one, or that you need to stay with it until you retire. Is it time for you to make a career change?

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    2014 - Top 5 - Nursing

    2014’s Top 5 Articles to Help Advance Your Nursing Career

    Take a look at Kaplan University’s nursing articles from 2014 that garnered the most attention from our readers. Regardless of where you are or where you want to go in your career, we encourage you to take a look.

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    NU_Nurse Education

    Opportunities for Nurses Expand in New Era of Health Care

    A career in nursing can take educated nurses in many directions within health care, and there are important roles for all skill sets. Plus, it’s a field in which there are growing opportunities to find work.

    Education Requirements for Nursing

    The Importance of Interprofessional Collaboration and Communication in Nursing

    Nurses are the backbone of the health care team, and their roles have expanded to a point that they are no longer just working with physicians and administrators in their own office—they run a team that is spread far and wide.

    Interprofessional Collaboration and Communication
    NU_Nurse Educators

    Nurse Educators

    Educating patients is a typical responsibility for many registered nurses (RNs), so it shouldn't come as a surprise that many RNs choose to become nurse educators later in their careers.

    Nurse Educators

    Nurse Health and Wellness Coaches: A Hot New Career

    Many nurses are turning to the exciting field of health and wellness coaching, helping people achieve their health goals on their own terms and bringing new possibilities for the future of nursing and health care.

    Nurse Health and Wellness Coaches

    Nurse Case Managers

    Unlike other kinds of health care practitioners, case management nurses perform a variety of tasks across a wide range of disciplines. They develop close bonds with their patients, becoming a critical part of the team, working alongside doctors and other health care professionals and facilities providing care and services to patients.

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    NU - Moving_Up

    Moving Up In Your Nursing Career

    You’re confident that you are a great nurse. You love your profession and are passionate about giving your patients the best care possible. But you want more out of your nursing career.  

    Moving Up In Your Nursing Career

    Nurses Leading Information Technology

    In 2008, just 4 years after the launch of Kaplan University's School of Nursing, a monumental initiative was undertaken by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Institute of Medicine to evaluate and transform nursing.

    Nurses Leading Information Technology
    Nurse Practitioner

    The nation is facing a growing shortage of primary care physicians. Are nurse practitioners the answer?

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    NU - Telemedicine - 150

    The Rise of Telemedicine in Nursing

    Telemedicine has been a game-changer for several demographics, including the elderly, people living in remote areas, and those in developing communities that don't have adequate health care options. Using cutting-edge technology, these patients can now have care delivered by doctors and nurses who may not even be in the same state.

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