• Celebrating nursing student success.

    We’ve helped thousands of nurses advance their careers. From our Bachelor of Science in Nursing debut, to our Master of Science in Nursing expansion, to our recent Doctor of Nursing Practice, each flexible program is taught by experienced practitioners, updated to meet employer needs, and designed for working nurses who must also manage jobs and families.

    We’ll be with you through every step of your career.

    It takes an exceptional individual to be a nurse. It also takes a dedicated educational institution to stand beside you throughout your career. Whether you are already a nurse or have just made the decision to become one, Kaplan University has the people, programs, and professional affiliations to help you pursue your educational and career goals.

    Modern nursing is constantly advancing through new technology, treatments, and research. And, we know that keeping your knowledge and skills current is the best way to stay at the forefront of the industry. Additionally, we understand that nursing offers a diverse range of areas to pursue career opportunities, including patient care, administration, and teaching, and that your journey may take you in many different directions.

  • To access the School of Nursing campus-specific program annual NCLEX pass rates, click here.

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        Kelley Madick

        Kelley Madick  earned her master’s degree in nursing with a certification in nursing education from the University of Phoenix.  

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        School of Nursing Overview

        A degree in nursing from Kaplan University addresses the challenges and scenarios real nurses work through on a daily basis..

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  • Kaplan University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement. Additional certification or licensing may be required to work in certain fields. Check with your state or local licensing agency for more details.

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