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    The PTSD Foundation of America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping combat veterans and their families cope with post traumatic stress.  The Foundation works with existing community and government organizations to support veterans in need of help.  Support groups and teams made up of veteran, active, and Reserve servicemembers and civilians help veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) cope with their issues by counseling or listening to them and helping them cope with PTSD.

    The mission of the PTSD Foundation of America has three goals:

    —To bring healing to the military community through counseling or mentoring individually or in a group

    —To raise awareness of the needs of the military community through events, news, social media outlets, and community or government organizations

    —To network with government agencies, service organizations, and other faith-based or secular organizations and business and create a group known as the “Corps of Compassion” that provides resources and support for veterans and families coping with PTSD

    Veterans looking for help can visit the PTSD Foundation of America’s website at  www.ptsdusa.org where they’ll find information on resources available, crisis phone numbers, a support group finder, and information related to the organization and PTSD.  The organization also has a radio show and podcasts that provide information relating to PTSD and offer faith-based perspectives. 

    In addition to group support, the organization offers one-to-one counseling and mentoring programs.  To help veterans and their families, the organization opened a facility in 2013 known as Camp Hope.  The facility is located in Houston, Texas, and offers interim housing for veterans and immediate family members. 

    Camp Hope also offers a 30 day PTSD recovery programs where residents can attend group lessons and support sessions, meet with certified combat trauma mentors, participate in off-site group interaction activities, or get involved with churches, business, or volunteer organizations to help them assist in their healing.  By working with organizations outside of Camp Home they also help educate the community about PTSD.

    Members of the military, families of military servicemembers, or psychology students interested in learning more about the PTSD Foundation of America can visit their website.  The organization offers the public opportunities to donate, volunteer, or help Camp Hope. You can visit the Support Us section to see how you can help make a difference in the lives of these brave veterans who are suffering from the invisible war wound that is PTSD.


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