• October 15, 2013 -

    Kaplan University Offers Military Tuition Assistance Grant


    DAVENPORT, IA – OCTOBER 15, 2013 – Kaplan University announced today that it will offer a military tuition assistance (TA) grant to cover the tuition cost of one class for currently enrolled students for the term beginning October 16, 2013. This grant is being provided in an effort to help U.S. active duty military students continue working toward their educational goals at Kaplan University.

     “Education enhances the professionalism of the Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve service members.  “It serves as a powerful retention tool and prepares those leaving the military for a successful transition into civilian employment,” said Scott Kilgore, Senior Vice President of Military Affairs. “Kaplan University’s grant offering encourages service members to continue their education.”

    Due to the current U.S. federal government shutdown, the Department of Defense military tuition assistance program has been suspended until further notice. The federal military tuition assistance program is designed to provide military service members the opportunity to pursue their education while serving their country. The program has been suspended due to a lack of funding since October 1, 2013. As a result, thousands of U.S. military service members are facing a tough decision – stay in school or stop taking classes until TA is restored. 

    The Kaplan University military tuition assistance grant will cover the tuition cost of one class for the term starting October 16, 2013 for continuing undergraduate and graduate students serving on active duty, in the National Guard, or Reserves. Tuition assistance eligible students who have been impacted by the TA suspension and meet satisfactory academic progress at Kaplan University will be eligible for the TA Grant for one class.

    Kaplan University will notify eligible students of grant requirements, request process, and applicable timelines.  However, if questions arise regarding eligibility online students should contact the Kaplan University Military Student Finance Group at 877.855.8648. Students on campus should contact their Financial Aid representative.

    Kaplan University is committed to providing support to our military students and will make determinations regarding the availability of future grants based upon the government shutdown and budget approval processes in Washington.

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