• March 20, 2013 -

    Blue Ribbon Task Force


    Kaplan University is a member of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU). Recently a “Blue Ribbon” Taskforce was assembled with the purpose of establishing a set of best practice recommendations in support of military degree and veteran degree programs. The Taskforce included institutional leaders of campus military programs, state leaders, and representatives of Veterans Service Organizations. 

    Taskforce member Scott Kilgore, Senior Vice President of Military Affairs at Kaplan University and former Captain in the United States Army, commented that “the opportunity to earn a good education is part of the commitment [Kaplan University has] made to all of our servicemembers. We are proud to be working with other institutions, trying to prepare the educational community to support the specific needs of returning military students.”

    The task force submitted best practice recommendations which were approved by the APSCU Board of Directors on February 18. The practices fall into four key areas:

    • Provide appropriate consumer information for enrollment and recruitment
    • Making a commitment to provide military and veteran student support
    • Promising practices for ensuring military and veteran student success through student services
    • Establish institutional research guidelines for tracking military and veteran student success

    If you are a military student or an academic institution seeking insights on how to better support the military community, download the report here.

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