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    Tuition for Military Students

    Kaplan University believes you have earned a quality education through your service and should not have to pay excessive out-of-pocket expenses to reach your educational goal. 

    As a result we have significantly reduced many of our tuition rates and fees. Current servicemembers, including Guard and Reserve, receive a 55% per-credit tuition reduction for undergraduate programs and 17% to 30% per-credit tuition reduction for graduate programs.* Course materials are provided at no cost, and technology fees are waived for current members of the military enrolled in undergraduate programs.

    Veterans receive a 38% per-credit tuition reduction for undergraduate programs and a 14% per-credit tuition reduction for graduate programs.*

    Spouses of servicemembers receive a 10% per-credit reduction for undergraduate and graduate programs.

    Family Scholarship Program—In addition, we offer military family scholarships to further assist military spouses and their dependent children.

    Note: military tuition reductions cannot be used in conjunction with any other Kaplan University scholarships, grants, or tuition reduction, including Kaplan University Tuition Cap pricing. 

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  • * Per-credit tuition reductions are based on standard tuition rate of $371.00 multiplied by the number of credits required to complete the degree.

    Military spouses enrolled in Kaplan University Tuition Cap programs are not eligible for this reduction.

    Some Kaplan University programs are not 100 percent online; some programs require you to gain hands-on experience in a real-world work environment.

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