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    This page contains additional information that may help you in pursuing your educational goals, including information required by Executive Order 13607.

  • Voled Counselers

    Military Student Support

    Our Academic Advisors are specially trained to support our military students through the Military Student Service Center. This support includes admissions, financial aid, and academic advising. Kaplan University also offers career services.

    Kaplan University participates in the following military programs/portals:

    • LOI School on the Go Army Ed Portal
    • The Marine Academic Explorer Portal
    • The Air Force’s AI Portal
    • The Air Force Associate Baccalaureate Cooperative Program
    • Member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Consortium
    • Supporting the Efforts of Voluntary Education Specialists

    We recognize the valuable role education specialists play in the success of military students and understand the challenges and constraints military educational support personnel face every day. For that reason, we have redoubled our efforts to serve all branches of the military with new Voluntary Education Specialist and student support programs:

    • The Military Student Support Center can help educate students with regard to benefits, prior learning and transfer issues, SOC, procedures for applying for tuition assistance, and VA benefits.
    • Kaplan University’s Military Ombudsman—These experienced advisors can be the sole point of contact should you have education-related issues attending Kaplan University.
    • Voluntary Education Specialist's Relationship Manager—With extensive military experience, this office can provide support materials, create or participate in base educational events, and answer any questions you have about Kaplan University. For additional information call 866.210.5583 (Toll Free).

    SOC Military Student Bill of Rights

    SOC Consortium Military Student Bill of Rights

    Military Student Bill of Rights
    SOC Military Student Bill of Rights

    Kaplan University proudly supports the SOC Military Student Bill of Rights. The following information is taken directly from the SOC website.

    SOC Consortium Military Student Bill of Rights 

    The Military Student Bill of Rights spells out ten specific “rights” that military students should have as they explore, enroll, and work toward degrees or certificates at SOC Consortium colleges and universities.


    Military Student Bill of Rights 

    All military student populations have basic rights to satisfactory college marketing, admissions, and student services practices including the right to:

    • Accurate information about a school’s programs, requirements, accreditation, and its potential impact on course transferability.
    • Access basic college/university information and fees without disclosure of student personal information.
    • Educational planning and career guidance without high-pressure registration and enrollment efforts from institutions.
    • A clear and complete explanation of course/program enrollment procedures and all resulting financial obligations.
    • Explore, without coercion, all financial aid options before signing up for student loans or other financial assistance.
    • Accurate scholarship information, free of misleading 'scholarship' offers based on military tuition assistance.
    • Appropriate academic screening and course placement based on student readiness.
    • Appropriate, accessible academic and student support services.
    • Clearly defined institutional “drop/add” and withdrawal policies and procedures including information about the impact of military duties (e.g., mobilization, activation, temporary duty assignments) on their academic standing and financial responsibilities.
    • Clearly defined grievance/appeals processes.

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