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    Protecting Society Is More Than a Career; It's a Calling

    The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program is designed to offer a strong foundation of professional skills and criminal justice knowledge. In this program, you will have an opportunity to gain an understanding of the U.S. criminal justice system; explore the methods and techniques used in the field; examine the development of criminal law; and more. 

    Military Police 31B

    Kaplan University recognizes the value of your military training and the need for an efficient path to a degree. Your military police occupation could translate into a maximum of 62% of the credit needed toward a bachelor's degree in criminal justice at Kaplan University*:  

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  • * Based on a member of the military who transfers in the maximum amount of quarter credit hours: 65 for medical MOS, 60 for military police and information technology MOS, 50 for combat arms MOS, 55 for paralegal specialist MOS, 45 for recruiter MOS. Coursework reduction reflects an educational mapping based on the completion of the standard courses required for rank advancement as well as credit for occupation duties. Credit awards have service-level requirements. Exact transfer amount may vary depending on completed military courses and occupations as listed on your official Joint Service Transcript(s). State-specific requirements, as listed in catalog.kaplanuniversity.edu, may apply. All credits must be validated on official transcript(s) to be eligible to transfer.

    Kaplan University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement. Additional academy training and education may be required for law enforcement positions.

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