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Environmental Women of the World: Jane Goodall
Environmental Women of the World: Margaret Chan
Environmental Women of the World: Margareta Wahlström
Dr. Lynn Wilson Introduces the Environmental Women of the World Series
Environmental Women of the World: Mary Robinson
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Cynthia Morales, Nursing Instructor on "Inspiring Students"
Math Center Director Discusses Personal Support
Science Center Director on “Learning Resources”
Avatar Math Module on Greatest Common Factor
Math Module on Z Scores
Science Center Test Taking Tips
Tour the Hagerstown Campus
Online Campus Tour
Understanding the FAFSA
Student Loans Overview
Scholarships Overview
2012-2013 FAFSA Tutorial
Financial Aid Basics
Applying for Financial Aid
Grant Programs Overview
Private Loans Overview
New GI Bill Benefits
Loan Repayment
New GI Bill FAQ
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Overview
Business Programs Overview
School of Graduate Education Overview
School of Health Sciences Overview
Holly Parker, School of Health Sciences Instructor on a "Supportive Learning Environment"
School of Information Technology Overview
Thoughts from Leaders and Alumni Over 50
Student Clubs and Organizations
Legal Studies Overview
Why Kaplan University?
Business Graduate Vielka Quintero on a "Supportive Community"
Online MBA Program Overview
Jeanette Andrade, Health Sciences Instructor on "Preparing Students for the Workplace"
Résumé Advice from Kaplan Career Services
Nursing Instructor Heather Roberts on "Student Success"
Dean Drew Ross on "The Outcome is What Matters"
School of Health Sciences Instructor Jill Harrington on "Preparing Students for a Career"
Greg Elwer, IT Instructor on "Career Opportunities"
Jason Lemon, Director of Career Services on "Achieving Success"
Arts and Sciences Web Field Trip
Jennifer Claire, Health Sciences Instructor on "Practical Experience"
Pat Pittman, State Government Employer on 'Hiring Kaplan University Graduates'
Andy Rosen on Understanding the American Higher Education Crisis
Graduate Allyson McCall on "Flexible Learning"
Online Learning: The 50+ Advantage
Andy Rosen on Driving Change in American Higher Education
Andy Rosen on A New Incentive System for Higher Education
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Videos: Graduation  of 14 Videos

Kaplan University Fort Hood Memorial Scholarship Presentation, 2011
Kaplan University Summer 2011 Graduation Highlights
Kaplan University Winter 2011 Graduation Highlights
Kaplan University Summer 2010 Graduation Highlights
Kaplan University Winter 2012 Graduation Ceremony
Kaplan University Summer 2009 Graduation Highlights
Kaplan University Winter 2010 Graduation Highlights
Dr. Wade Dyke Addresses the Winter 2013 Graduating Class
Kaplan University 2013 Winter Graduation Highlights
Kaplan University Summer 2012 Graduation Highlights
Concord Law School 2013 Winter Graduation Ceremony Highlights
Kaplan University 2013 Summer Graduation Highlights
Kaplan University Graduation - December 2014
Kaplan University 2015 Summer Graduation Highlights
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Videos: Testimonials  of 50 Videos

Graduate Joann Amory on Career Services
Lewiston Campus Graduate Shelly Turcotte Discusses Her Kaplan University Experience
Kaplan University International Student, Alejandra Martinez de Velasco on “Flexible Learning”
International Student, Augustine Weah, on “Steadfast Support”
Campus Graduate Jenn Sumner on "Fulfilling a Dream"
Kaplan University International Student, Karin McCrea on “Finally Going For It”
Kaplan University International Student, Maria Forzisi on “Achieving More”
Kaplan University International Student, Shelly Malhotra on “Quality Programs and Support”
Kaplan University International Student, Melissa Irene Sinclair Eights on “Dreaming Big”
Kaplan University International Student, Samuel Sarrah Conteh on “Encouragement”
Kaplan University International Student, Wasiu Olatundun on “Transforming Lives”
Graduate Tatiana Pelletier on Making a Difference in the Lives of Kids
Davenport Campus Graduate Matt Slater on "An Even Better Tomorrow"
Lewiston Campus Graduate Barry Schmieks on "Moving Up in the Force with a Degree"
Des Moines Campus Graduate Ariana Den Hartog on "Following Footsteps"
Graduate Maureen Pettengill on Changing Careers After 22 Years
South Portland Campus Graduate Jamie Thomits on "Finding the Right Travel Degree"
Davenport Campus Graduate Jennifer DeCock on "Making Differences"
Des Moines Campus Graduate Shelby Ravens on "Feeling Successful"
Graduate Ellen Hallett on "Working Where Your Heart Is"
Campus Graduate Brian Woolsey on "Returning to College"
Des Moines Campus Graduate Jason Darr on "Taking Control of My Future"
South Portland Campus Graduate Jory Dyer on "Learning from Experienced Teachers"
South Portland Campus Graduate Nicholas Gulliver on "Fulfilling a Dream to be a Police Officer"
Graduate Carol Platt on Earning a Business Degree
Criminal Justice Instructors on "Finding Opportunity"
Instructor John Meade on "Moving Up the Ladder"
Graduate Phil Farris on "Career Advancement"
Davenport Campus Graduate Tanya Olawumi
Story of Deb Eppley, A Nursing Graduate
Graduate Sedric Clark on "Learning for My Family"
Business Graduate Vielka Quintero on a "Supportive Community"
Graduate Yvette Kanarick on "Outcomes Focused' Education"
Graduate Kathy Getchel on "Nurses Teaching Nurses"
Business Graduate Michell Sturgis on "Flexible Learning"
Graduate Tracy Griffin on "Creating a Career in the Legal Field"
Graduate Scott Shenberger on "Cutting-Edge IT"
Pat Pittman, State Government Employer on 'Hiring Kaplan University Graduates'
Graduate Lisa Evert on "Being Involved"
Business Graduate Erin Vanatta Taylor on "Workable Skills"
Graduate Sharon Cann Goes "Beyond the E.R."
Angela's Kaplan University Story
Graduate Lisa Blair on "TLC at KU"
Business Graduate Thomas Biedermann on the "Virtual/Global MBA"
Graduate Patricia Feggins on "Making It Happen"
Graduate Janelle Geer on "Personalized Learning"
Graduate Alicia McKay on the "Power of a Master's Degree"
Graduate Kelly Nelson on a "Healthy Success"
Legal Studies Graduate Edward Klassen on "Military Support"
Concord Law School Graduate Larry David on a "Rigorous J.D. Program"
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Videos: Visionary Voices  of 26 Videos

Jeff Weiner – CEO, LinkedIn on "The Importance of Continuing Education"
Jack Canfield – CEO, The Canfield Training Group , Creating Support and Accountability
Alexis Herman – Chair and CEO, New Ventures, LLC Keep Learning and Stay Competitive
Wendy Hawkins – Executive Director, Intel Foundation, The Future of Education
Lisa Nichols – Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker, No Matter What! ,A Step-by-Step Journey
Padmasree Warrior – Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Systems, The Business of Technology
Kevin Kelly – Co-founder of WIRED magazine, Author, What Technology Wants
Kim Warren-Martin – Global Diversity and Inclusion Group, Intel , Passion for Diversity
Margaret Spellings – Former U.S. Secretary of Education on "Inspiring Teachers"
Deborah Hopkins – Chief Innovation Officer, Citi, Customer-centricity
David Kirkpatrick, founder of Techonomy, "A Step Toward an Information Technology Career"
Holly Paul - US Recruiting Leader, PWC
Visionary Voices Series Overiview
Carol Baldwin-Moody of Wilmington Trust on Issues Facing Compliance Officers
Motivation Drives Our Future Workforce, Tammy Johns, SVP, ManpowerGroup
From Marching Band to Improv Jazz: The New Organization—Vivek Ranadivé, TIBCO Software
Dan Hesse -- CEO Sprint Nextel Corporation; The Power of Online Education
Techonomy: Techonomic Tools Give People a Chance to Follow Their Passion
Techonomy: Technology as a Tool of Individual Empowerment
Techonomy: A Challenge To Keep Up with Tomorrow
Moira Forbes - President, ForbesWomen on "Entrepreneurship"
Donald Goeman, EVP of Research Herman Miller, "Keep Looking to Your Creative Side"
Gary Kovacs, CEO, Mozilla, "Perseverance and Adaptability Are Key"
Alex Yoder, CEO Webtrends "It Is Absolutely Worth It"
Michael Fertik, CEO, Reputation.com "How Social Media Affects Your Ability to Get (and Keep) a Job"
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Videos: Webinars  of 16 Videos

MS in Health Education Webinar
Master of Science in Education in Instructional Technology Webinar
A Day in the Life of a Paraprofessional Webinar
Early Childhood Development Webinar
Read All About It Student Learning Community Event
CDA Credentialing Process Roundtable Session
Reading & Writing Strategies Student Learning Community Event
Webinar Featuring John Hope Bryant
Graduate Business Programs Webinar
Business Open House
Graduate IT Programs Overview
Psychology: Applied Behavior Analysis Webinar
Master of Science in Psychology Webinar
Public Administration Programs Webinar
Career Opportunities Overview: Instructional Technology and Educational Psychology Professions
Cybercrime Implications in Criminal Justice Webinar
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Documents: Academic Calendar  of 5 Documents

Academic Calendar 2015-16 Track A
Academic Calendar 2015-16 Track B
Academic Calendar 2015-16 Track C
Academic Calendar 2015-16 Track D
Dental Assistant Calendar 2015-16
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Documents: Applications  of 4 Documents

Pass the Torch Scholarship Application–Nominator
Pass the Torch Scholarship Application–Recipient
Every Credit Counts Scholarship Application
President's Grant Application
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Documents: Archives  of 48 Documents

Academic Calendar 2004
Academic Calendar 2005
Academic Calendar 2006
Academic Calendar 2007-08
Academic Calendar 2007-08 Grad Business/IT
Academic Calendar 2007-08 Newsweek MBA
Academic Calendar 2008-09
Academic Calendar 2008-09 GradBusiness/IT
Academic Calendar 2009-10
Academic Calendar 2009-10 GradBusiness/IT
Academic Calendar 2010
Academic Calendar 2010-11 GradBusiness/IT
Academic Calendar 2011-12
Academic Calendar: Graduate Education, Business, and IT Programs
Dental Assistant Calendar 2014-15
2005-2006 Addendum
2005-2006 Catalog
2006-2007 Addendum
2006-2007 Catalog
2007-2009 Addendum
2007-2008 Catalog
2009-2010 Addendum
2009-2010 Catalog
2010-2011 Addendum
2010-2011 Catalog
Kaplan University Addendum
2011-2012 Catalog
Academic Calendar 2014-15 Track A
Academic Calendar 2014-15 Track B
Academic Calendar 2014-15 Track C
Academic Calendar 2014-15 Track D
2011-2012 Addendum
2012-2013 Catalog
Academic Calendar 2012-13
Academic Calendar: Graduate Education, Business, and IT Programs
Kaplan University Catalog (September 2013)
Kaplan University Catalog (November 2013)
Kaplan University Catalog (January 2014)
Kaplan University Catalog (April 2014)
Kaplan University Catalog (May 2014)
Kaplan University Catalog (August 2014)
Kaplan University Catalog (November 2014)
Academic Calendar 2013-14
Academic Calendar: Graduate Education, Business, and IT Programs 2013-14
Kaplan University Catalog (February 2015)
Kaplan University Catalog (May 2015)
Kaplan University Catalog (March 2015)
Kaplan University Catalog (June 2015)
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Documents: Brochures  of 69 Documents

Kaplan Connections Alumni Brochure
Alumni LinkedIn Group Info
Alumni Discounts
AAS in Business Administration Brochure
AAS Criminal Justice Brochure
AAS Fire Science Brochure
AAS Health Information Technology Brochure
AAS Medical Office Management Brochure
AAS Paralegal Studies Brochure
BS in Business Administration Brochure
BS Communication Brochure
BS Criminal Justice Brochure
BS Early Childhood Development Brochure
BS Enviromental Policy Brochure
BS Fire Emergency Management Brochure
BS Fire Science Brochure
BS Health Care Admin Brochure
BS Health Science Brochure
BS Health Wellness Brochure
BS Human Services Brochure
BS Legal Studies Brochure
BS Nursing
BS Nutrition Science Brochure
BS Paralegal Studies Brochure
BS Psychology Brochure
Business Certificates Brochure
Information Technology Certificates Brochure
MA Teaching
MBA and MSM Brochure
MS in Accounting Brochure
MS Criminal Justice Brochure
MS in Education Brochure
MS in Instructional Design and Technology
MS Educational Psychology
MS Environmental Policy Brochure
MS in Finance Brochure
Master of Health Care Administration Brochure
MS Health Education Brochure
Master of Science in Higher Education Brochure
MS Homeland Security and Emergency Management
MS Information Technology Brochure
MS Legal Studies Brochure
Master of Science in Nursing Brochure
MS Psychology Brochure
Master of Public Administration Brochure
Master of Public Health Brochure
Psychology Certificates Brochure
Undergraduate IT Degrees Brochure
Enterprise Learning Solutions Brochure
EL203 Brochure
Alliance Benefits Information
BS Liberal Studies Brochure
Legal Studies Internship Brochure
Legal Studies Internship Guide
Undergraduate Accounting Brochure
Austism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Master of Health Informatics
Master of Health Information Management
BS Health Information Management Brochure
Social and Behavioral Sciences Programs Brochure
Criminal Justice Programs Brochure
Fire Science Programs Brochure
Education Programs Brochure
BS in Finance Brochure
MS Cybersecurity Management Brochure
BS Cybersecurity Brochure
MS Human Services Brochure
Medical Assistant Certificate Brochure
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Documents: Career Profiles  of 10 Documents

Kelly Armstrong Profile
Aaron Lindeman Profile
Vernon Fraser Profile
Donald Hill Profile
Zedy Aroche Profile
Mariana Craft Profile
Tim Harvey Profile
Wanda Williams Profile
Angie Patterson Profile
Patricia Greenlee Profile
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Documents: Catalog  of 1 Documents

Kaplan University Catalog
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Documents: Consumer Information  of 49 Documents

Grievance Process - State Agencies Contact List
Kaplan University Catalog
KHE Student Consumer Info
KU Financial Aid Information
KU Grievance Procedures
KU Institutional Information
KU Textbook Costs
Cedar Falls Completion Rates
Cedar Falls Campus Security
Cedar Rapids Campus Security
Council Bluffs Campus Security
Davenport Campus Security
Des Moines Campus Security
Hagerstown Campus Security
Indianapolis Campus Security
Lewiston Campus Security
Lincoln Campus Security
Mason City Campus Security
Milwaukee Campus Security
Omaha Campus Security
South Portland Campus Security
Rockville Campus Security
St Louis Campus Security
Cedar Falls Diversity of Pell Recipients
Cedar Rapids Diversity of Pell Recipients
Davenport Diversity of Pell Recipients
Des Moines Diversity of Pell Recipients
Hagerstown Diversity of Pell Recipients
Lewiston Diversity of Pell Recipients
Mason City Diversity of Pell Recipients
Omaha Diversity of Pell Recipients
Online Diversity of Pell Recipients
South Portland Diversity of Pell Recipients
Cedar Falls Retention Rates
Cedar Rapids Retention Rates
Davenport Retention Rates
Des Moines Retention Rates
Hagerstown Retention Rates
Lewiston Retention Rates
Lincoln Retention Rates
Mason City Retention Rates
Omaha Retention Rates
Online Retention Rates
South Portland Retention Rates
Augusta Campus Diversity of Pell Grants
Indianapolis Retention Rates
Milwaukee Retention Rates
Rockville Retention Rates
St. Louis Retention Rates
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Documents: Faculty Listings  of 15 Documents

Faculty Bios for School of Business
Faculty Bios for School of Information Technology
Kaplan University Faculty Roster Arts Sciences
Kaplan University Faculty Roster Business
Kaplan University Faculty Roster Criminal Justice
Kaplan University Faculty Roster Education
Kaplan University Faculty Roster General Education
Kaplan University Faculty Roster Health Sciences
Kaplan University Faculty Roster KULC
Kaplan University Faculty Roster Legal Studies
Kaplan University Faculty Roster Nursing
Kaplan University Faculty Roster Technology
Kaplan University Learning Center Faculty and Administrators
IST Advisory Board
Hagerstown Faculty Roster
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Documents: General  of 46 Documents

Math Center Quick Reference Quide
Writing Center Quick Reference Quide
Science Center Overview
Academic Support Overview
Kaplan Online Library Overview
Tutoring Resources Reference Guide
Federal Grants Reference Guide
Federal Stafford Loans Overview
PLUS Loans Overview
Parent PLUS Loan Data Form
Ten Scholarship Myths
Guide to Writing Your Scholarship Resume
10 Tips for Winning Scholarships
Paying For School Overview
FA Document Tracking Guide
Fax Cover Sheet
Parent Authorization Title IV Credit Balance
Student Authorization Title IV Credit Balance
Getting Started with Financial Aid Guide
Military Transfer Guide
SOC Military Student Bill of Rights
Job Search Survival Guide
Technology Requirements
Prior Learning Transcript Request Form
KU Grievance Procedures
Kaplan University Quick Reference Guide
Kaplan Higher Education Privacy Policy
Kaplan University User Agreement
Long Range Plan 2011
Effective Strategies for a Skilled Paraprofessional Workforce Presentation
KU Hagerstown Student Transcript Request Form
Wireless Setup Guide
Inclement Weather Policy
MPN Tutorial
MPN Quicklist
MPN Instructions for Dependent Students
2011 Kaplan, Inc. Corporate Brochure
Kaplan Commitment Statement
2012-2013 Low Income Verification Form - Student
American Freedom Foundation Scholarship
2013–2014 Child Support Paid & SNAP Verification Worksheet Dependent Student
Maine Campuses Transcript Request Form
Academic Report 2011-12
Third-Party Authorization Form
Directory Information Withholding Request Form
Academic Report 2013-14
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Documents: Graduation  of 0 Documents

Documents: Tuition and Fees  of 12 Documents

Tuition and Fees - Graduate Online and Learning Center Students
Tuition and Fees—Undergrad Online and Learning Center Military Servicemembers
Tuition and Fees—Undergrad Online and Learning Center Military Veterans
Tuition and Fees - Graduate Online and Learning Center International Students
Tuition and Fees - Undergrad Online and Learning Center International Students
Campus Tuition and Fees - Hagerstown, Maryland
Campus Tuition and Fees - Lewiston and South Portland, Maine
Campus Tuition and Fees - Iowa and Nebraska
Tuition and Fees - Single Courses
Tuition and Fees - Undergrad Online and Learning Center Students
Tuition and Fees—Graduate Online and Learning Center Military Servicemembers
Tuition and Fees—Graduate Online and Learning Center Military Veterans
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