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    Read about current happenings from deans, department chairs, and faculty at the Kaplan University, Lincoln campus. Our blog aims to encourage thought and discussion on the latest trends and stories. We invite all those interested to engage in our postings and express their opinions as well.

  • See You at Graduation

    Department chair Judy Dort takes a look at Kaplan University's Orientation course that helps students discover important tools and resources prior to graded coursework.

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    Teaching Student Soldiers on a Military Base

    Kaplan University is aware of the unique circumstances and opportunities students in the military face. Kaplan University professor Stephen Issac shares his thoughts and experiences on this topic.

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    Basic Computer Skills Help Increase Productivity

    As the world becomes increasingly technology dependent, basic computer skills are required in all types of careers. Learn more about how you can make sure you're prepared.

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    Secrets to Success in Your Composition Classes

    You may start composition classes by saying, “I’m a horrible writer,” or “I hate writing.” Sure, writing can be difficult, but instead of giving up on yourself before you start, try to clear your mind of these negative feelings.

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    Need some help? It comes in many forms at Kaplan University. Learn more about the library and tutoring services we offer both in-person and online for students.

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    Another View to Your Gradebook

    There is nothing wrong about looking at your letter grade throughout the 10-week term. However, it’s important to understand your letter grade within the context of the points given within a course. 

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    In the Know

    Are you interested in keeping up on campus events, career related articles, or ideas for healthy meals for your family? If so, subscribe to Kaplan University Lincoln’s social media pages! 

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    Medical Assistant Recognition Event

    The Lincoln campus holds a recognition and pinning ceremony for our medical assistant graduates to mark their passage into the professional world of allied health. 

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    About the FAFSA

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the application that is filled out by students to apply for financial aid funding.

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    Military at Kaplan University, Lincoln

    One aspect of the University that I am proud to write about today is regarding the benefits we give our students who have military experience.

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    The Job Search: Tips From a Sales Expert

    For many years, ​long​er ​than I can count​,​ I have been a salesman. One thing that has been the toughest part of my job was getting past the "Gate Keeper." ​Whether your new career is in sales, or you are trying to get an interview with your dream employer, these 4 simple techniques could help you save time and headaches.

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    The Benefits of Networking

    When it comes time to look for a job, a recent graduate will often look to the traditional options regarding a job search: newspaper, internet, job boards, etc. While these are all great and viable options, they are not the only methods available.
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    Kaplan Students for Community Outreach (KSCO) Club

    The KSCO Club is a student run organization that allows all students to build leadership and communication skills, while expanding their understanding and knowledge of their professional field.

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    New Resource for Military Students

    Read a message from Scott Emery, financial aid officer here at the Lincoln campus, and his new role as the VA Certifying Official.

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    Sustainability Efforts at the Lincoln Campus

    Kaplan University, Lincoln campus promotes a campus wide no waste sustainability by facilitating a grassroots action. Currently our waste reduction is at about 45% from a year ago and growing!

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    Preparing for an Interview

    No one likes interviewing but to get the job it must be done. Have you practiced what you would say in an interview?

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    Paying for School

    Paying for education can be a daunting task. Financial aid, student loans, grants, and scholarships may be available options to qualified students.

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    Being a Successful Student

    As in any aspect of life, the more organized and well prepared we are, the more successful we will be. This is especially true in the life of a college student.

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    So You Want to Be a Cop?

    What more admirable profession than one that protects the community, makes right from wrong, apprehends bad people, and saves lives?

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    The Final Push

    As the term comes to an end here at the Kaplan University Lincoln Campus, I decided to interview a few people to get some advice about how students can really shine.

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