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  • Kaplan University ELS Creates Education Solutions as Unique as the Challenges You Face.


    Increasingly, U.S. companies are depending on a highly skilled workforce to succeed. Kaplan University Enterprise Learning Solutions (ELS) provides companies, academic institutions, and associations with educational and professional development options to help individuals earn degrees and develop advanced skills.

    Kaplan University ELS works closely with clients to identify and address their workforce development needs and offers a broad range of tailored education solutions.

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  • The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts. 

    Nothing illustrates that adage quite like the tangram. Using only seven pieces, students of the tangram can create a multitude of shapes. 

    The tangram exemplifies how Kaplan University ELS operates. Using the various courses and support resources of Kaplan University, the ELS team can assemble an education program uniquely suited to each client.

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