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  • Curriculum: All Tracks

    Certificate Requirements

    IT 117: WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT (5 Credits)

    In this course, you investigate Internet technologies. You learn the concepts of web development along with web page design. By creating an individual online portfolio or biography using HTML, HTML5, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you develop skills for today and tomorrow. This course will enable you to self-promote and demonstrate your skills to an audience via the web.

    Prerequisites Required:



    Dynamic Description:


    One of the tools for self-promotion includes the ability to create a website on the World Wide Web. In this course, students will have the opportunity to combine technology with creativity. Whether you are an entrepreneur or you just have something to say, this course will give you step- by-step instruction on getting started and creating your unique website.


    Some important skills students will be exposed to in the website development course include:


    • The basics of the World Wide Web
    • Coding in HTML5TM
    • Using CSS to enhance the code
    • Hands-on activities targeted to the skills employers need today
    • The ability to upload web pages to a server
    • The ability to recognize a URL
    • Displaying a unique and creative page on the World Wide Web
    • Documenting their web design journey in a journal
    • Troubleshooting HTML5 code


    Sample Project:


    In this project, the students add images to their webpages. Images for this assignment are related to the page topic. A subfolder named "Images" is created within the existing web design folder. The task is to insert the image in at least two of webpages and upload the pages to the server. The alt tag has to be added within each image tag. Students are required to submit a URL of their websites.


    What's Next?

    After learning the basics of website design, it is important to continue to develop your skill set. Students can take advanced courses in web design or utilize a graphic user interface (GUI) to further develop websites.

    Total Certificate Requirements Credits: 25
    Total Program Credits: 25


    This course introduces the fundamentals of software engineering, demonstrating how the fundamentals are the same across multiple programming languages. The core principles found in every programming language are investigated. You will design, develop, debug, and test simple applications using your choice from the programming language options.

    Prerequisites Required: IT 117 | Corequisite: IT 234 (recommended)

    Total Certificate Requirements Credits: 25
    Total Program Credits: 25


    This is a fast-paced course in web design. You will learn the basic concepts of web page design. The concepts begin with the planning stages of site mapping and storyboards. Elements such as tables, forms, rollover buttons, hyperlinks, text formatting and management, navigation systems, and inserting multimedia will be explored. By creating an individual online portfolio or biography and implementing the current versions of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), you will develop skills for today and tomorrow.

    Prerequisites Required: IT 111 and IT 117 (or equivalent)

    Total Certificate Requirements Credits: 25
    Total Program Credits: 25


    This is an intermediate course in the design and development of programs offering students a choice of implementation and demonstrating how design and programming concepts are universal. Students will apply software design techniques, software process models, object-oriented programming concepts, and secure data-handling techniques. Students will design, develop, debug, and test intermediate-level applications using their choice from the programming language options.

    Prerequisites Required: IT 213 | Corequisite: IT 302 (recommended for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology students)

    Total Certificate Requirements Credits: 25
    Total Program Credits: 25


    You will learn how to create appropriate web graphics using popular image editing tools. Throughout the course, you will create a collection of custom graphics that will be displayed in an e-Portfolio layout. Topics will include resizing, resolution, optimization, digital photo enhancement, custom banner and button creation, and more.

    Prerequisites Required: IT 214

    Total Certificate Requirements Credits: 25
    Total Program Credits: 25

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