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    Kaplan University and Techonomy

    Kaplan University is the official education partner of Techonomy, an invitation-only conference where world leaders in technology and business gather to discuss new and emerging technologies and their potential to drive positive change. This year Kaplan University continues its partnership with Techonomy as their official education partner with two events—Techonomy Detroit (September 17) and Techonomy Tucson (November 11–13).

  • Techonomy Detroit—September 17

    Betty Vandenbosch Headshot
    Kaplan University Provost Betty Vandenbosch

    Techonomy Detroit brings together over 500 leaders from business, technology, government, and academia to better understand emerging trends for job seekers and career builders like you. This year the focus is on the national challenge of inadequate and inequitable education. How we can enhance learning for citizens at every stage of their lives in a time of constant and accelerating change? How can every U.S. city create a learning environment that nurtures job growth?

    You’re invited to hear answers to these questions and more when you join the live conference online with us on Tuesday, September 17, 2013. At Kaplan University, we are committed to the reinvention of education through innovation. This is why Kaplan University has been a major participant in Techonomy since its inception in 2010, and why we work hard to bring you the latest in emerging trends and topics like:

    • Education 2.0 for Americans 2.0
    • Keeping the U.S. Competitive in a Hyper-Connected World
    • Where Are the Jobs?
    • The 5 Undeniable Rules of Changing Human Behavior

    With speakers like Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square, Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert, or Keith Ferrazzi of Ferrazzi Greenlight speaking about topics that directly affect you, you’re sure to leave with actionable insights to apply to your own life. There’s something of interest for everyone!

    Betty Vandenbosch, Kaplan University Provost, will be participating on a panel entitled “Education Reimagined” and discussing trends in higher education. During Techonomy Detroit, we announced our new Learning Recognition Course (LRC), an innovative open learning course that enables you to document experiential learning acquired outside of the classroom for college credit. For more information about Kaplan University’s open learning courses or to sign up for the LRC, visit openlearning.kaplan.com.

    Attend for just one session or watch all day. Review the schedule of topics here: http://techonomy.com/conf/13-detroit/agenda/

    You can only benefit from this event if you show up, so put the below information in your calendar right now or text a friend to remind you, but whatever you do, don’t miss this opportunity!

    The Kaplan University School of Business and Information Technology at Techonomy

    IT: Academic Trends

    By participating in Techonomy, the School of Business and IT has an opportunity to connect with some of America’s most influential business and technology leaders. This win-win partnership teaches us how to better anticipate and harness technological progress. We’re able to share the insights of thought leaders with students and faculty, and incorporate them into programs and course content.

    Interviews With Techonomy Thought Leaders

    Each year at Techonomy, we interview fellow innovators and experts and videotape their advice and insights for Kaplan University students. Look for new videos of these leaders sharing their expertise with you in our Visionary Voices video library.

    Join the Conversation

    TE - facebook-logo

    Join the conversation @Kaplan_Univ on Twitter and watch for updates to our Kaplan University at Techonomy Facebook tab including photos and video footage. Tell us what you would discuss if you had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with innovators at organizations such as GM, Sprint, HP, and more.

  • Kaplan University’s Visionary Voices program provides you access to Techonomy’s thought leaders.

    Kaplan University’s Visionary Voices program provides you access to Techonomy’s thought leaders.
    • Kevin Kelly
      Kevin Kelly – Co-founder of WIRED magazine, Author, What Technology Wants
    • Padma Warrior
      Padmasree Warrior – Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Systems, The Business of Technology
    • Margeret Spellings
      Margaret Spellings – Former U.S. Secretary of Education on "Inspiring Teachers"
    • Jeff Weiner
      Jeff Weiner – CEO, LinkedIn on "The Importance of Continuing Education"
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