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    Technology and economy come together at Techonomy in Tucson, Arizona, November 11–13.

    Join us behind the scenes as we sit at the table with top industry leaders for insights on how to leverage the best business tools in technology.

    Kaplan University Sponsors Innovation

    Through participation in the Techonomy sessions and events, and engagement in the conference’s spectrum of communications channels, the Kaplan University Business and School of Information Technology shares its education knowledge with some of the most influential business and technology leaders in the country. In turn, the School gains from the insights of an experienced and diverse group of thought leaders, and is able to share these cutting-edge thoughts with Kaplan University IT students and faculty. 

    It is a win-win relationship, bringing together one of the nation’s leading online higher education institutions for the IT professions with one of the nation’s most prestigious gatherings of business and technology innovators to better understand how to anticipate and harness the exponential pace of technology. 

    “Live from Techonomy”—a Cyber Security Thought Leader Webinar on Monday, November 12, 2012, 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm ET

    TE: Art Coviello
    Art Coviello, Executive Chairman, RSA, and Executive Vice President, EMC Corporation

    The School of Business and Information Technology Dean Dr. David DeHaven joined Art Coviello, one of the top cyber security experts in the country, and shared their perspectives on the cyber security industry, emerging career opportunities, and what both students and business owners should consider in mounting cyber defenses against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

    View Archived Event: https://kapx.kaplan.com/kaplanuniversity/visionnary-voices-webinar-with-art-coviello/

    Does Gamification = Motivation? Techonomy and the School of Business and Information Technology Scope it Out

    As a planet, we spend approximately 3 billion hours per week playing video and computer games, and about 5 million of us play an average of 45 hours per week. Therefore, it is no surprise that educators and businesses are taking a serious look at gaming theory and badging in the classroom and workplace to increase engagement and motivation.

    The Techonomy agenda for the afternoon of Monday, November 12, includes a session that puts gaming front and center, with “Gaming the System: On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!” The session will focus on the many ways gaming theory is being incorporated in the workplace.

    At the Kaplan University School of Business and Information Technology, a pilot program in the online classroom setting is putting gamification theory to the test, and promising initial results will be shared with Techonomy participants. Check back here on November 12 just prior to the start of Techonomy 2012 for more details.

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    Kaplan University invites students and faculty to participate with the School of Business and Information Technology at Techonomy 2012.

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  • Kaplan University’s Visionary Voices program provides you access to Techonomy’s thought leaders.

    Kaplan University’s Visionary Voices program provides you access to Techonomy’s thought leaders.
    • Kevin Kelly
      Kevin Kelly – Co-founder of WIRED magazine, Author, What Technology Wants
    • Padma Warrior
      Padmasree Warrior – Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Systems, The Business of Technology
    • Margeret Spellings
      Margaret Spellings – Former U.S. Secretary of Education on "Inspiring Teachers"
    • Jeff Weiner
      Jeff Weiner – CEO, LinkedIn on "The Importance of Continuing Education"
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