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  • Curriculum: All Tracks

    Certificate Requirements

    IT 234: DATABASE FOUNDATIONS (5 Credits)

    This course prepares students to learn database programming. Students will be exposed to the fundamental concepts of database management systems and the capabilities of the SQL programming language. This course will provide students with the business context in which data is used and how it is transformed into information. Students will identify the information needs and general usage of data within the modern business context and link the use of relational database management systems to the data needs of the organization. 

    Total Certificate Requirements Credits: 23
    Total Program Credits: 23

    Total Certificate Requirements Credits: 23
    Total Program Credits: 23

    Total Certificate Requirements Credits: 23
    Total Program Credits: 23

    Total Certificate Requirements Credits: 23
    Total Program Credits: 23

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    The 25% tuition reduction applies only to international students living outside of the United States. This discount does not apply to military students. Please check with your advisor to see if you are eligible. 

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  • * Source: Anthony Balderrama, “Ten Promising Jobs for the Class of 2009,” CareerBuilder.com, April 13, 2009, on the Internet atwww.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/worklife/04/13/cb.promising.jobs.2009/index.html 

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