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  • Dr. Rhonda Chicone

    How Employers Perceive Job Hopping

    Job hopping has become increasingly prevalent in today's economy. Dr. Rhonda Chicone, full-time faculty, shares her insights in this article on GoodCall.com.

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    BUS - Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery Strategies for Small Businesses

    Do you have the proper mechanisms in place in your business recover from a disaster, such as a flood, hurricane, or cyber-attack? Even if disaster recovery was not a topic of your business plan, it is not too late to develop your strategies!

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    IT - Software Development

    Software Development: Do You Have What It Takes?

    By Andrew August and Rhonda Chicone, School of Business and Information Technology


    Learn about some of the traits related to developer roles as well as potential day-to-day tasks.

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    IT - Wearable Computing

    Workplace Wearables: Questions Executives Should Be Asking

    By Ellen Raineri, PhD, School of Business and Information Technology


    Wearable technology is becoming more trendy and desired, but have you considered how it can impact the workplace?

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    Mobile Device Security

    Mobile Device Security: Does Your Mobile Device Have "Stage Fright"?

    By Rhonda Chicone, School of Business and Information Technology

    It goes without saying that a company can benefit from employees using mobile devices. Think about how productive you are using your Android based smartphone or your iPhone. However, mobile device security is of growing importance as threats increase.

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    Cybersecurity: Are Software Developers Solely to Blame for Insecure Software?

    By Andy August and Rhonda G. Chicone, School of Business and Information Technology

    It's crucial that everyone involved in the development process makes security the goal.

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    A Layman’s Guide to Cyber Threats, Threat Actors, Attacks and Intelligence

    By Rhonda Chicone, School of Business and Information Technology


    When security breaches, exploits, or other cyber incidents are publicized, what comes along with the reports is new terminology. Explore the terms you should know.

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    Ethical Hacking

    Ethical Hacker: Fighting a Cybersecurity War

    The increased threat of a potentially devastating cyberattack has caused many companies and organizations to start actively recruiting "ethical hackers" to combat the threat.

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    IT - key to cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity: Are Software Developers the Achilles’ Heel?

    By Rhonda Chicone, School of Business and Information Technology


    We live in an interconnected world where it's imperative that web developers adopt a security-first approach for software to reduce cybercrime.

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    IT - Internet of Things Teaser

    The Future of Internet of Things Infographic

    As the technology develops, there is potential for the transformation of several industries. This infographic highlights exciting new job opportunities that could arise over the next few years.

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    HS - Growing Field

    The Growing Field of Health Care Information Technology

    As technological advancements continue to change the world, virtually every industry is dealing with how to better access, manage, interpret, and use various available data. The health care industry faces a unique set of challenges as the use of technology expands, because information in health care comes from so many different sources.

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    IT - University Cyberattacks

    10 Vulnerable Areas for University Cyberattacks

    By Ellen Raineri, PhD, Kaplan University Faculty


    Academia has increasingly been the target of numerous cyberattacks. Faculty member Ellen Raineri looks at a sample of security incidents that have occurred, and why academic institutions should be attentive to 10 key vulnerable areas.

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    Internet of Things (IoT) and Security Threats

    By Ahmed Banafa, Kaplan University Faculty

    We can list the threats of Internet of Things (IoT) in three major categories: privacy, security and safety; these categories are interrelated as they deal with the same device and its connections.

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    IT - Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity – Get Ready for Some New Terminology

    By Rhonda Chicone, Kaplan University Faculty


    Kaplan University expert Rhonda Chicone discusses the new cybersecurity terms to know in 2015.

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    IT - Stress

    CSI: Computers, Stress, and the Online Instructor

    By Dr. Maria Minor, Kaplan University Faculty | June 1, 2015


    Dr, Minor looks at technology and the brain and how digital overload can lead to stress in the workplace.

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    Internet of Things

    Internet of Things (IoT): Opportunities and Challenges

    By Ahmed Banafa, Kaplan University Faculty | May 1, 2015


    The technical definition of  IoT is the network of physical objects accessed through the Internet. These objects contain embedded technology to interact with internal states or the external environment. 

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    IT - Robot

    Is There a Robot in Your Future?

    By Susan Ferebee, Full-Time Faculty | April 2015

    The father of robots, Joseph Engelberger says, “I can’t define a robot, but I know one when I see one.” Today, there are multiple definitions.

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    IT - Web Scale IT

    Web-Scale IT Explained

    By Ahmed Banafa, Kaplan University Faculty | April 2015

    Have you heard of "Web-scale IT" but are still unsure what, exactly, it is? This article takes a look at three things to know about Web-scale IT and how it might be used today and in the future.

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    BS - Cloud Economics

    Make Cloud Economics Part of Your Business Plan

    In the span of just a few years, the cloud has reinvented old ways of doing business and engendered entirely new models but it's important to remember that getting business value from the cloud requires more than signing up for iCloud.

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    STEM Secret Bullet

    Is STEM the Silver Bullet for Women Interested in the C-Suite?

    If women pursue studies in STEM does it mean that they have a much higher likelihood of making it to the C-suite? Find out!

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    Alarming Cybersecurity Challenges in Contemporary Health Care

    By Dr. Satyendra Kaith, Kaplan University Adjunct Faculty

    If recent news regarding the massive wave of breaches suffered by Hollywood celebrities and retailing icons like Home Depot and Target is not alarming enough, consider the real danger that your own health data could be stolen by hackers.

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    HR and the Cloud

    The Future Transformation of HR With the Help of Cloud 2.0

    The advancement of that technology—specifically the implementation of cloud-based systems—could transform HR management from a behind-the-scenes supporting player to a star that drives company strategy.

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    Women in STEM

    Women in STEM: Filling the Skills Gap by Building Momentum Early

    A recent study found that women earned 57.2% of bachelor’s degrees in all fields in 2010 and 50.3% of science and engineering degrees. Yet more than half of the STEM degrees were in biology, leaving a void in areas such as computer science.

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    IT Cybersecurity

    Cybercrime Is on the Rise: Here's What I.T. Professionals Should Know

    This infographic highlights the rise in cybercrime and explores some of the most pressing and emergent threats facing the information security world.

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    IT - Secret to Success

    Secret to Success in IT: The Skill That Can Transform Your IT Career

    By Ellen Raineri, PhD, Kaplan University Faculty | January 2015


    Learn why strong communication skills are often what differentiate the most successful IT professionals from their peers.

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    Bus_Workplace Diversity

    Does Workplace Diversity Actually Impact a Business?

    As scholars have sought to quantify the economic effects of workplace diversity, a growing body of research suggests that diverse work environments boost employee performance and a business’s bottom line.

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    IT - Cybercrime

    Are You Guarding Against Cybercrime in the Cloud?

    By Dr. Satyendra Kaith, Kaplan University Adjunct Professor

    A recent study surveying 1,864 IT professionals found that while enterprise cloud usage is likely to continue growing over the next 2 years, security practices have largely failed to keep up.

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    Encouraging Diversity

    Encouraging Diversity

    Ongoing efforts to create awareness about diversity have been made but many inequities continue to exist. Here are some strategies that can be used as a model to further increase diversity awareness.

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    2014 - Top 5 - IT

    2014’s Top 5 Information Technology Articles to Help Advance Your IT Career

    Take a look at Kaplan University’s information technology (IT) articles from 2014 that garnered the most attention from our readers. Regardless of where you are or where you want to go in your career, we encourage you to take a look.

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    IT - Zero Trust Article

    The Zero Trust Model of Information Security: “Verify and Never Trust”

    By Ahmed Banafa, Kaplan University Faculty  |  October 1, 2014  

    The Zero Trust Model of information security simplifies how information security is conceptualized by assuming there are no longer “trusted” interfaces, applications, traffic, networks, or users.

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    IT - Cloud_Computing150

    What You Need to Know About Web Design Today

    September 26, 2014


    People today are becoming savvier online users, making it essential for web designers to create engaging and user-friendly experiences that perform well and continue to stay ahead of design trends and new technologies.

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    IT - Cloud_Computing150

    The Next Stage of Cloud Computing and How It Will Impact Your IT Career

    September 25, 2014


    Cloud computing is more than a buzz term you hear about the future of technology. It's already making a huge impact in the IT field by changing the nature of existing jobs and creating many new ones.

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    IT_Innovative Technologies

    Innovative Technologies

    September 24, 2014 

    When it comes new technologies, no idea is too far-fetched these days. IT professionals are now toeing the line between science and art. The result: new inventions—and massive improvements to old ones—are coming at us at full speed.

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    IT_Career in App Dev

    A Career in Application Development

    September 23, 2014 

    The time consumers spend using mobile apps has been steadily increasing over the past 2 years. Mobile application development could be a great place to look for career opportunity.

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    Women in IT

    Why Industry Wants and Needs More Women in Technology

    August 18, 2014 

    Presidents of companies, industry analysts, university researchers, and job recruiters are all posing the same question: Why aren’t there more women in technology fields? One university leader conducted her own research and found three reasons.

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    IT - Beyond_the_Laptop

    How IT Professionals Can Stay Relevant in a Mobile Landscape

    August 18, 2014 

    IT professionals have already been made to adapt to a rapidly changing wireless landscape. As fast, effective wireless becomes ubiquitous, it is going to become even more crucial for the IT professional to evolve.

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    IT - Ahmed Banafa

    Wearable Tech is No Fad (Op-Ed)

    By Ahmed Banafa, Kaplan University Faculty  |  August 4, 2014 

    Kaplan University Professor Ahmed Banafa gives his take on wearable computing and explains to Livescience.com how programming application and thoughtful design will need to keep up to grow the market

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    IT - Computer Will Feel Your Pain Article

    Your Computer Will Feel Your Pain

    By Ahmed Banafa, Kaplan University Faculty  |  July 30, 2014

    Is it possible that you computer could respond to your emotional state? Professor Ahmed Banafa explores the interdisciplinary field spanning computer science, psychology, and cognitive science.

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    IT - AhmedBanafa

    Whose Fault Is the Heartbleed Bug?

    By Ahmed Banafa, Kaplan University Faculty  |  July 24, 2014  

    Heartbleed bug, known as one of the Internet's biggest security threats, has been around for over 2 years but it was only recently discovered. While many companies have released patches, your information is still vulnerable.

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    IT - DeepLearning_150

    Deep Learning

    By Ahmed Banafa, Kaplan University Faculty  |  May 9, 2014 

    Deep learning has helped shape advances in areas as diverse as object perception, machine translation, and voice recognition. Kaplan University Professor Ahmed Banafa explains developments in deep learning in an opinion piece for Livescience.com.

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    IT - Satyendra Kaith

    Difficulties Health Care Provider IT Leaders Will Face in 2014

    By Dr. Satyendra Kaith, Kaplan University Adjunct Faculty  |  April 1, 2014 

    Health care reform in the United States continues to evolve, and health care transformation promises to be an ongoing exercise for the industry. Read more in this article written by faculty member Dr. Satyendra Kaith.

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    IT - AhmedBanafa

    The Future of Big Data and Analytics

    By Ahmed Banafa, Kaplan University Faculty  |  March 2014  

    The simplest definition of big data is large and complex unstructured data (images posted on Facebook, email, text messages, GPS signals from mobile phones, tweets, and other social media updates, etc.) that cannot be processed by traditional database tools.

    The Future of Big Data and Analytics
    IT - GoogleGlass

    Google Glass: Who’s Watching YOU?

    By Dr. Lynne Williams, Kaplan University Faculty  |  February 2014 

    Mobile computing has been around now for over 30 years, arguably beginning with the Compaq© Portable “suitcase” computer back in 1982. We are now surrounded by smaller, much lighter devices that easily fit in a pocket, or, in the case of Google Glass, on our nose.

    Google Glass: Who’s Watching YOU?

    Virtual Cold War

    By Dr. Lynne Williams and Jenelle Davis, Kaplan University Faculty  |  February 21, 2013

    Corporate intellectual property is at risk of breach as most everyone seeks to gain advantage in the innovation race. Military and government information faces the same risks with consequences for national security, digitized assets, and international affairs.

    Virtual Cold War
    IT - Innovation

    Mobile Computing: Kaplan University Follows Industry Trends

    By Stephen Beyer, PhD; Susan Ferebee, PhD; Rhonda Chicone, PhD; and Professor Andrew August  |  August 2013 

    Mobile computing in 2013 extends beyond apps designed to entertain or to improve personal productivity. Learn more about mobile commuting and industry trends.

    Mobile Computing: Kaplan University Follows Industry Trends

    Crafting a Full-Service Security Solution

    By Dr. Lynne Williams, Kaplan University Faculty  |  September 3, 2013 

    At Kaplan University, our students are being trained to combat cyberwarfare by the best in the business. Professor Lynne Williams's article about this virtual cold war was published in Computer Technology Review.

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    BS - Critical Thinking

    New IT Jobs Require Communication, Critical Thinking Skills

    By Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily Senior Writer  |  June 21, 2013 

    Entering one of the most competitive job markets in history, critical thinking and written communications are the most important skills college graduates in IT programs will need to succeed in the workforce. Read more about Kaplan University's faculty survey.

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    2013 Is the Year of Innovation: Learn How to Lead Innovation

    By Dr. Chad McAllister, Kaplan University Professor  |  January 28, 2013 

    Innovation has been a buzz word for a few years. Not only is it still part of the business lexicon, it is increasingly recognized as the key driver of economic growth and job creation.

    2013 Is the Year of Innovation: Learn How to Lead Innovation


    Kaplan University recently became the first online school inducted as a charter member of the Women’s Association of Computing Machinery, also known as the ACM-W. The ACM-W, like its affiliate organization the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), is dedicated to education and scientific computing.

    Kaplan University Inducted into Women's Association of Computing Machinery

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