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    Facilities Designed to Help You Learn

    Discover the features and facilities of our Indianapolis, Indiana, location and how we are here to support your educational goals.

  • Introducing a University When and Where You Need It

    Kaplan University's flexible learning options give you the choices you need for starting your education. Get all the benefits of online learning with the added support of an on-ground location. See how you can benefit from a new type of learning. Kaplan University's Indianapolis campus offers these great features:

    • Meet in person with Admissions Advisors, Education Advisors, and Financial Aid Officers 
    • Review unofficial transcripts during the interview to determine program options
    • Four classrooms
    • Evening classes
    • Online and onsite tutoring and academic assistance
    • Meet other classmates even when enrolled in online courses
    • Easy access to 24/7 tech support
    • Online learning with on-ground support
    • Student Resource Center – access to 15 computers with Internet access, study areas, and educational resources
    • Community events 

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