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  • Keith Smith Headshot

    Dr. Keith Smith, Dean and Vice President, Health Programs

    Dr. Keith Smith is a seasoned leader who has held management positions in the business, nonprofit, and higher education sectors.

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    HS - Rebecca Zolotor

    Dr. Rebecca Zolotor, Associate Dean, School of Health Sciences

    Dr. Rebecca Zolotor is the School of Health Sciences Associate Dean, where her responsibilities include overseeing the academic department chairs, refining, developing, and implementing strategic goals and program development, revision, review, and accreditation.

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    HS - Gina Quesinberry

    Gina Quesinberry, Assistant Dean, School of Health Sciences

    Gina Quesinberry has served as assistant dean of the School of Health Sciences since 2011. She supports the academic department chairs and dean in day-to-day operations and supervises the scheduling team.

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    HS - Lanie Wright

    Dr. Lanie Wright, Assistant Dean of Students, School of Health Sciences

    As the assistant dean of students, Dr. Lanie Wright is responsible for student-related operations activities such as handling escalations, issues, and concerns. To strengthen student retention and satisfaction, Dr. Wright identifies and implements service improvement strategies.

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    HS - Laura Woods

    Laura Woods, Assistant Dean of Curriculum, School of Health Sciences

    Laura Woods serves as assistant dean of curriculum and is responsible for the definition, development, monitoring, maintenance, revision, and quality of all courses and programs of study within the School of Health Sciences.

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    Hs - Nancy Szwydek

    Nancy Szwydek, Director of Quality Assurance for the Ground Health Programs

    Nancy Szwydek serves as the liaison between the Kaplan University online and ground campuses and is responsible for monitoring accreditation metrics, gathering reports for programmatic accreditation, and training.

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    HS - Trish Berry

    Dr. Tricia Berry, Associate Dean and Director, Clinical and Practicum Programs

    As associate dean and director for clinical and practicum programs, Dr. Tricia Berry oversees all clinical, practicum, and fieldwork processes for School of Health Sciences, School of Nursing, and the graduate psychology programs.

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    HS - Betty Harrison

    Betty Harrison, Academic Department Chair, Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness, Nutrition Science, and Health Science

    Betty Harrison is the academic chair of the Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness program and  Nutrition Science Department at Kaplan University, as well as the director for the Kaplan University Center for Health and Wellness.

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    HS - Susan Archibold

    Dr. Susan Archibald, Academic Department Chair, Bachelor of Science and Master of Health Care Administration and Medical Office Administration Certificate

    Through careful oversight of faculty instruction and course participation, Dr. Susan Archibald helps provide a positive and significant student experience.

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    HS: Brina Holis

    Dr. Brina Hollis, Faculty, Health Informatics

    Dr. Brina Hollis is a full-time faculty member in the health informatics program. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Myers University, a master's degree from Youngstown State University, and a Doctorate in Public Health from Walden University.

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    HS - Chris Hollander

    Christine Hollander, Faculty, Medical Assisting

    Christine Hollander has been teaching with Kaplan University as a full-time professor since 2007. Her undergraduate degree is in medical assisting with a bachelor’s degree in applied management. . 

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    HS - Ginger Cameron

    Dr. Ginger Cameron, Faculty, Public Health

    Dr. Ginger Cameron is a faculty member in the Master of Public Health program. Her teaching philosophy stresses the importance of making learning active, relevant and timely.

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    HS - Holly Parker

    Holly Parker, Faculty, Interdisciplinary Course Leader

    Holly Parker has been teaching for Kaplan University since 2008. She serves as an Interdisciplinary Course Leader and in 2013 earned the School of Health Sciences Outstanding Course Lead Award.

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    HS - Jennifer Claire

    Jennifer Claire, Faculty, Medical Office

    Jennifer Claire holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences and Psychology, a Master of Science in Health Science and Health Education, and a graduate certificate in law, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Public Health.

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    HS - KimberlyPerkins_150

    Dr. Kimberly Perkins, Faculty, Health Care Administration

    Dr. Kimberly Perkins is a lifelong learner and advocate for empowering others to succeed. The School of Health Sciences awarded Dr. Perkins with the Outstanding Faculty Award for 2015 and the 2014 Outstanding Course Lead Award.

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    HS - Leslie Young

    Leslie Young, Faculty, Nutrition Science

    Leslie Young is a registered and licensed dietitian and a full-time faculty member in the nutrition science department at Kaplan University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition from Appalachian State University and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from Winthrop University.

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    HS - Michael Snell

    Dr. Michael Snell, Faculty, Health Care Administration

    Dr. Michael Snell is a full-time instructor in the Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration program. He has more than 20 years of managerial health care experience.

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