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    A little over one year ago, the Kaplan University Composition Department began its foray into what Twitter aficionados dub the Twittersphere. One thousand one hundred and nineteen tweets and three hundred ninety-seven followers later, we take stock of where we’ve been, what we’re doing, and where we’re heading.

    @KUComposition, the official Twitter handle for the Composition Department’s account, began as a way to engage and connect with the larger academic community on a regular and ongoing basis. Much like attending conferences helps attendees connect with others in their professional community (as well as meet up with old friends), so, too, does Twitter. Indeed, since @KUComposition has begun its tweeting, nearly four hundred Twitter users—academics, educators, administrators, ed-tech folks, writing centers, professional organizations, graduate, and undergraduate students—followed the account. As with other social media, it's customary to follow back, and thus @KUComposition follows about four hundred accounts that have similar professional interests. In this way, @KUComposition has established its presence in this fast-paced and exciting online academic community, and we’re always looking to engage with others, so please follow @KUComposition, and we will respond in kind.

    @KUComposition tweets about teaching first year composition (#fycchat) and topics related to the study and teaching of college-level composition, teaching writing online, writing across the curriculum, online pedagogy, and using technology to serve the needs of students. Typically, @KUComposition tweets content using the hashtags #fycchat, #engchat, #writing, #elearning, #onlineteaching, #highered, and #edtech, which allows the tweets to be streamed to all users who monitor the same hashtags. @KUComposition shares content about conferences, calls for proposals, grant and publication opportunities, developments and debates in the field of composition and rhetoric, professional accomplishments of Kaplan University Composition Department faculty members, and the role technology plays in the teaching of writing in general and the teaching of writing online in particular.

    Twitter allows the Kaplan University Composition Department to connect and interact with not only fellow educators and researchers, but also with such professional organizations as the National Counsel of the Teachers of English (NCTE) and College Composition and Communication Conference (CCCC). By simply using the hashtag #ncte_cccc, whatever @KUComposition tweets out, those Twitter users who follow CCCC, which is an affiliate of the NCTE, see @KUComposition's tweets.

    Recently, @KUCompostion participated in live tweeting during the School of General Education's 2015 Online Conference, retweeting content that the conference’s Twitter account tweeted out, as well as promoting and reflecting on sessions throughout the three days. It was a lot of fun tweeting out content during sessions and engaging others who were attending, which helped to promote the conference, make new connections (and followers), and let other Twitter users learn more about what is going on at Kaplan University.

    With the excitement generated from the live tweeting during the General Education, @KUComposition has plans to generate a buzz about the Department’s virtual literary festival coming up in late August. To stay connected with @KUComposition, please follow us on Twitter.

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