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  • Maria Borges

    The Science of Love

    As we head toward Valentine’s Day, the topic of love seems to be on everyone’s minds. Candy hearts, loads of chocolate, and other romantic gestures are all around us, and love is most certainly in the air. But, have you ever wondered what makes us fall in love with a potential suitor?

    The Science of Love
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    Advantages of Taking an Online Math Course

    Many students feel anxious about taking a math course online, yet most who finish leave the course feeling more confident in their mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills. There are several advantages to taking a math course online that, if highlighted right away, can put students’ minds at ease.

    Advantages of Taking and Online Math Course
    Open Educational Resources

    Open Educational Resources

    You may have heard of open educational resources (or OERs), but what are they really? Kerrie Houchens, Department Chair of Open College, explains what OERs are, and what they can do for educators, students and learners at Kaplan University.

    Open Educational Resources
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    Composition’s Virtual Literary Festival: Extracurricular Activities Aren’t Just for Students

    By participating in activities like the literary journal and festival, faculty bring their excitement to the classroom, and excitement in a classroom, more often than not, yields inspiration in students about writing whether its writing for a composition or science class.

    Composition’s Virtual Literary Festival

    Learning Math Online

    Tips for more effective learning when taking an online math course.

    Learning Math Online
    Open College

    I Can Get Academic Credit for That?

    You may have heard such terms as "prior learning assessment" or "experiential learning," but what do these terms really mean? Kerrie Houchens, Department Chair of Open College, explains the differences between the two and what can they do for students who are enrolled at Kaplan University.

    Getting Credit for Work and Life Experiences at Kaplan University
    Online Teaching for You

    Plagiarism and Paraphrasing

    Teaching and empowering students with the ability to effectively paraphrase can reduce the reasons students, consciously or unconsciously, plagiarize. 

    Plagiarism and Paraphrasing
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    Communication Article: Indoor Air Pollution – Tips for a Healthier Household

    When the average person hears the words “air pollution,” images of smokestacks, smog, and even vehicle exhaust fill their minds. However, one of the most common forms of air pollution is right in your own home.

    Indoor Air Pollution

    The 20th Anniversary of the Cloning of Dolly

    From the first announcement of Dolly’s birth, this impressive genetic feat has been the fuel for many dialogues throughout our society.

    Cloning Dolly
    Gen Ed - Math

    Math: A Family Affair

    Since so many students at Kaplan University are returning to school after a number of years, it’s not uncommon to hear students mention that they are learning the same thing in their math course at Kaplan University that their children are learning in their math class at school. Although the situation may seem a bit awkward a first, there are benefits to be gained for both the Kaplan University students (parents) and their children.

    Math: A Family Affair
    Gen Ed - Science

    Communication Article: The Importance of STEM in Our Classrooms

    Ever since the National Science Foundation coined the acronym STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), its future has looked very bright. Yet, there is still a sense of urgency in the United States to enhance education in STEM fields due to its potential to provide future economic prosperity and stability.

    STEM in Classrooms
    Earth Day

    Growing Up Green

    Children that entered kindergarten in the fall of 2013 will graduate from high school in 2026. These children, and many others around their age, will someday take over the reigns as ambassadors of our Earth. Are they up for the challenge? 

    Growing Up Green
    Gen Ed - Going Green Article

    Earth Day: Your Time to Reconnect With Nature

    When Earth Day began in 1970, the goal was to implement changes in policy and action to protect the planet.  We wanted to understand how human activities impacted water, air, and land, and how we can alter our actions to make a cleaner environment.  

    Earth Day: Your Time to Reconnect With Nature
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    Culture and Society Article: Powerful Voices: Anna Julia Cooper and Ida Wells-Barnett

    “The cause of freedom is not the cause of a race or a sect, a party or a class–it is the cause of human kind, the very birthright of humanity.” This assessment, published in Anna Julia Cooper’s 1892 A Voice from the South, emphasizes a point that many twenty-first century Americans take for granted; however, it is a the subject of discourse from both Cooper and her contemporary, Ida Wells-Barnett.

    Powerful Voices
    Gen Ed - Math

    Origins of Number Theory

    In 2005, I completed my Master of Science in Applied Mathematics. One of the courses in my degree program was the History of Number Theory. It was a fascinating course which thoroughly (and pleasantly) surprised me because I had never been a huge fan of number theory, and I especially disliked history courses. That experience taught me that you never know when/where you will learn new and interesting things.

    Origins of Number Theory
    Gen Ed - Ethics

    Ethics Article: Teaching and Learning: The Gift of General Education

    When we set ourselves the task of teaching or learning in general education, we accept the challenge of creating, either in our students or ourselves, a deepened sense of how our society works, how it has developed, where it seems to have taken right or wrong turns, and the challenges we currently face. With equal attention we work to develop a richer, more meaningful sense of what it means to be human.

    Teaching and Learning: The Gift of General Education

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