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    Kaplan University Receives National Recognition

    Kaplan University has received the 2016 Association for General and Liberal Studies (AGLS) Exemplary Program Award in Revision or Enhancement of a Program. The award recognizes the University's continuous quality improvement process in its approach to online course assessment and integration of general education outcomes. 

    AGLS is a national organization dedicated to sustaining general education and liberal studies programs at institutions across the United States. For additional information, click here

    School of General Education

    The School focuses on the academic skills that enrich our personal and professional lives, from communicating effectively and thinking critically, to making ethical decisions and solving complex problems, to valuing the humanity, diversity, and wonders of nature which make our planet a wonderful place to call home. Wherever you are in your personal or professional journey, we can help you continue to expand your horizons, make new discoveries, and gain new insights in the fields of communication, culture and society (which reflect the fields of the humanities and social sciences), ethics, mathematics, and science. 

    The Kaplan University School of General Education courses support the academic, social, personal, and professional development of learners throughout their engagement with the University. We also provide a learning experience that is designed to be engaging, enjoyable, and applicable to students’ personal and professional lives, while preparing students to meet expectations in chosen fields of study. Kaplan University is committed to professional and career preparation for all graduates. 

    General Education Courses Overview

    • Featured Faculty

      • GenEd -  EllenManning2_headshot

        Ellen Manning

        Ellen Manning has been either teaching or in educational administration for over 30 years.

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      • GenEd_Russell Fail Thumb

        Russell Fail

        In the Humanities Department, Dr. Fail is a course leader in our Ethics course. He has been a strong member of the team since 2002.

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    • Articles and Publications

      • Gen Ed - Going Green Article

        Science Article

        Going ‘green’ is not only better for you and the planet, but it could put some extra green in your wallet. 

        Saving Green by Living Green
      • Gen Ed - Math

        Math Article

        In 2005, I completed my Master of Science in Applied Mathematics. That experience taught me that you never know when/where you will learn new and interesting things.  

        Origins of Number Theory
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