• Q1.  I am not familiar with Purdue. What can you tell me about them? Where can I go to learn more?

    A1. Purdue University is a regionally accredited public university system in Indiana. With nearly 75,000 students, it is one of the largest and most respected university systems in the U.S. and includes four campuses. More information can be found at www.purdue.edu.

    Q2.  Kaplan University is a for-profit university. Will that change?

    A2. Yes. Purdue University will form a new public institution to operate the new university as a separate Purdue-affiliated university.

    Q3.  Will the accreditation for the new university change?

    A3. No. Kaplan University (KU) and Purdue share the same regional accreditor, The Higher Learning Commission.

    Q4.  Will the same programs and degree offerings be available?

    A4. There are no plans to change programs or degrees. Like KU, the new university will continue to look for programs that are best suited to meet the needs of its students and the communities it serves.

    Q5. What is the name of the new institution?

    A5. While the name of the University is currently being determined, it is our belief that the name will convey the Purdue identity in some fashion similar to Purdue's other affiliated institutions, Purdue University Northwest and Indiana University Purdue University.

    With nearly 75,000 students, Purdue is one of the largest university systems in the United States and includes four campuses, a statewide technology program, extension centers, and continuing education programs. The main campus of Purdue University is noted for its engineering, agriculture, and business administration programs, which consistently rank among the best in the country and the world.

    Q6.  Is Kaplan University closing? Will this impact the value of the degree I earned from KU?

    A6. Kaplan University is not closing. It is being acquired by Purdue – a transaction that we expect to be approved and completed (sometimes referred to, in legal parlance, as a transaction “closing”). This is a change in control, not a closure of the institution. The fact that Purdue University, one of the most prestigious schools in the country, decided to acquire Kaplan University speaks volumes about the quality and value of the education our students received and the degree they earned.

    Q7.  I graduated from Kaplan University some time ago and want my degree and resume to say Purdue. Can I do that?

    A7. Your university is not going away. Kaplan University is not "ceasing to exist" or "shutting down." Purdue University, one of the nation's premier public universities, will acquire Kaplan University and the new Purdue-affiliated university will continue KU's mission of providing outstanding and innovative higher education. We feel strongly that continuing KU as a public university as part of the Purdue system will heighten the already strong value of your KU degree, regardless of your graduation date. Yes, the University name will change. But, the University itself will still exist, just under Purdue's control. Once this transition is complete (likely in late 2017), you may want to add to your resume that Kaplan University is now known as [name to be determined]. As the transition details are worked out in the coming months, we expect to provide additional information about the ways in which KU alumni will be welcomed into the broader Purdue family.

    Q8.  Will KU provide alumni with any official transitional documents to accompany transcripts that will aid them in explaining the circumstances surrounding KU degrees to prospective employers and helping to maintain credibility?

    ​A8. Yes. Kaplan University will be adding a statement to the transcript legend explaining the change of control to Purdue, as we have done in the past when Kaplan University acquired other institutions (e.g., Andover, Hamilton).

    ​Q9.  What specific resources will be available to alumni​ during and after the acquisition?

    A9. The same resources available to alumni today will continue to be available to Kaplan University and new university alumni ​during and ​after the completion of the transaction, including career services.

    If you have additional questions, please contact us at KaplanFAQs@kaplan.edu.